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  1. Sovon Halder

    Guide - QuickTime Custom Controls / Shortcuts

    Does anybody know how to access/edit/delete the controls/settings of the native QuickTime Player in Sierra/High Sierra ? Why isn't it there any preferences option? It would be nice to be able to change the controls like.. . Increasing scrubbing speed . Seeing the % of current volume level...
  2. J

    iOS 11 AirPod controls, now!

    I installed iOS 11, set right AirPod to skip track and left for Siri. Downgraded to 10.3.3 and the double tap controls still work as it did in iOS 11. It doesn't show in the menu on the iPhone. The AirPods are reborn with the use of controls like these. Yes, I have AW but still wanted a way to...
  3. E

    MacOS & AirPods Play/Pause

    I had this problem with my Parrot Zik headphones and it drove me nuts. Is there a way to make the bluetooth play / pause behavior work like the play/pause on the keyboard? Currently, the bluetooth play / pause on the AirPods ONLY works with iTunes, while the one on the keyboard works with...