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  1. P

    Resolved SE/30 CRT / Display / Video Issue

    Hi All, I've recently joined the classic mac owners club, with three fixer upper SE/30's in various states of decay. Having selected the best logic board of the three, with no leaking caps or exploded battery. I've cleaned and recapped it. Not yet recapped the analog board or PSU but have...
  2. whiskersld

    17 inch Blue And White crt having issues

    i know these crts usually have transformer issues. the issues have been getting worse since last month with sometimes the monitor popping 100% of the time that its on. i would love to fix it but i have no prior experience with crt repairs and i dont want to break either the monitor or the...
  3. Simón Sánchez Fortuny

    Macintosh Classic II Restoration

    So i’m restoring a classic II and i’m having some troble finding the schematics for the analog board... By the way I did replace some physically leaking capacitors at the PSU stage and had some voltage readings for the hard drive beeing 3.56V and 10.50V i assume they’re suposed to run at 5 and...
  4. ParzivalR

    Resolved Macintosh Plus - Vertical Deflection problem

    Hello everyone! I introduce myself, my name is Rodrigo. I live in Argentina, so I apologize if my English is bad. First, I apologize for asking for help without having helped before. I've been reading forums since 2017, but I've only just had time to get back to work on the Mac during...
  5. AppleAsker

    iMac G3 Screen Discoloration

    Hello everyone, Here is an iMac G3 Graphite 600 MHz model from Summer 2001. The CRT screen has some significantly noticeable discoloration, and the entire right portion of the screen has a green tint and is darker than the other half of the screen. The image also doesn't seem to fill the entire...
  6. Z

    selling a CRT display

    What are my options of selling my old 19" CRT display?