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  1. AjTee

    iPad Cursor sometimes not dissapear when not used

    Hello, Today I received iPad Air 4 which is a great device. I bought also Logitech Folio Touch which is nice keyboard. I have iPadOS 14.1 installed. I noted that very often when I switch to Tablet mode or stop using keyboard - cursos does not disapear. Only reboot of device or taking off...
  2. J

    Weird cursor behavior

    I have come across this weird bug a few moments ago. When the cursor transitions from link mode to normal, it moves to the left for an instant before being displayed in the correct location. This only happens when I have the Automatic graphics switching off (I turned it off to confirm that...
  3. A

    iPad iPad Mouse/Trackpad Question

    Hi all, apologies if this should have been a in a different thread or has already been covered - I did scan through to see if this was the case. My 12 inch MacBook has recently gone downhill with battery life and e key falling off and I have always been tempted to replaced it with 12. 9 inch...
  4. 5pace

    Touchpad on Macbook Pro 2017 acting up

    Hi! The last few days my touchpad has been acting up. It's a bit sensitive, and when i press to click it will "keep clicking", acting like a double click. I'm sure it's a problem with the hardware. Here's a video i took a few days ago: Now it's gotten even more...
  5. PhillyGuy72

    2012 iMac suddenly acting slow, odd

    Yes, I know it's an old iMac, but it has been running fine for years. It is still running El Capitan 10.11.6 - since this is older This past Wed. night around 7:30pm, I noticed the pointer on my screen move smoothy as usual, but every 8-10 seconds it would severely slow down, stutter as if...
  6. Leopold928

    MacBook Pro 15” 2018 High Sierra login lag

    Hello I bought the new MacBook Pro 15” 2018 2 data ago and recently I’ve noticed that when I turn of my laptop and when I want to choose a user my cursor is lagging... I don’t know what is the problem. Here is the video:
  7. P

    the cursor becomes really big only restart solve this problem help

    the cursor becomes really big but remain in low res. It happen most of the time while loading something or sometimes randomly. Especially Valve made games. the cursor remain loading most of the time when this happen. when it happen it will not responds to any action like mouse click keyboard...
  8. K

    Cursor jumps when using HDMI

    I normally use my regular Air screen when doing normal computing tasks but I have an HDMI connection for watching movies on a TV. The HDMI cord is directly attached to a Thunderbolt to HDMI adapter. My problem is that if I want to pause the movie and go back to the regular screen, the cursor...
  9. S

    macOS Sierra 10.12 black screen after boot - no cursor - no touch bar

    Hi guys I have a MacBook Pro with touch bar running 10.12.0 I've installed team viewer, use it for 10 minutes then uninstall it using the Clean My Mac app. After restart and loading bar finish to load I get a full back (dark blue) screen with no mouse cursor, no touch bar on, nothing. I have...
  10. applemax

    Cursor re-appears when notifications trigger in full-screen video

    I've noticed with the last few versions of Sierra beta (+ the GM) that the cursor will re-appear when a notification triggers whilst watching full-screen video... which can obviously be quite distracting. Has anyone else had a similar experience?
  11. jenifer north

    I am cursing my cursor .....

    Hi My curser has stopped responding when I click it, so I cannot open anything. It moves and will highlight, so I am stuck on my desktop. I have an ancient Macbook 2007, which has never let me down before. Anyone advise me what to do to fix it? Thanks in hope. Jeni
  12. olifrost

    Load Cursor Hypnosis

    Since updating to 10.12 I seem to spend most of my time staring into the Spinning Beach Ball of Death So I created a replacement that adds hypnotic messages to your Mac’s load cursor You can see and download them here Load Cursor Hypnosis:
  13. T

    Mac Pro Cursor Motion Speed is Very Slow

    When I use the cursor keys or backspace/delete key to move the cursor in a text type field it takes for ever to move left or right and is jerky. This happens when I have the cursor in a Word doc, Excel cell, Safari and Chrome browser text boxes, Finder when editing a file name etc. It is really...