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    MP 6,1 Macpro6,1 D300 crashes

    Can't find old thread so will create a new one. Since Catalina got installed to my nmp (with d300) crashes became more often. But it's different to Mojave. As usual, gui freezes, only mouse pointer is moving, then after some time watchdog doesn't see event from windowserver and causes KP ( and...
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    Mbp to nMP swap

    Hi all I don’t use my MacBook pro enough so I’m thinking about switching it to a Mac Pro 2013 quad core base model. I have a old pc I use for CS GO once a week, maybe the Mac Pro can replace that machine too. Do you guys think this is a fair deal...
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    MacPro 6,1 - BootCamp/Gaming Check-in Thread

    Hey, anyone still gaming on your trashcan? I am, so I thought I'd start a post to share information about what games work, issues, tips and tricks. I'm not a huge gamer, but these days everything I do play is in Windows 10 on a bootcamp partition. I'm currently using the bootcamp drivers from...