data recovery

  1. D

    Iphone Recovery - HELP PLZ

    Hi all, I was updating my IOS via Itunes (Iphone7) like I have done for the longest time. This time i was presented with a recovery screen. Typed in my password and it started to recover the data. Then it errored out at the last second. it did this about 10 times. I got fed up with it and...
  2. K

    Recovering iPhone without Data Loss

    Hi! I will try to be as detailed as I can be to make my situation clear. I have an iPhone X with IOS 13.3.1. I didn't allow time for a software update and it fell into Recovery Mode with the logo blinking and occasionally the iTunes Restore screen. I was able to exit Recovery Mode without...
  3. KernalOS

    2010 MacbookPro Backup

    I have an old 2010 MacBook Pro which has some pictures on it which I want to keep. However, I am unable to power it on and it no longer seems to work. Is there a way for me to recover the pictures from the hard drive?
  4. L

    External HD data recovery

    I made a stupid yesterday. In an external HD dual dock, I attempted to move data from one external HD to another HD in the dual dock. I had ample space to make the transfer. Unfortunately, instead of copying the desired data to the targeted HD, it made a clone, thus, overwriting the data...
  5. H

    Data Recovery on SSD Accidentally Restored

    Hello, This afternoon after backing up enough data from my 1TB Samsung SSD, I decided I had enough free space to create two partitions. The idea being that I was going to use Disk Utility to create a clone of the boot partition to the empty one, and then clean install Sierra onto the boot...
  6. spaceguns

    APFS system volume recovery after Macbook Air logic board failure

    I only have partial information, and do not 100% know the exact OSx version or how full the drive was, but I think it was pretty topped out. No recent backups, important data, and I have already put the fear of god into them regarding backups so this doesn't happen again. They have a several...
  7. C

    Recover Macbook pro Mid 2014 SSD data with corrupted firmware

    I have a Mid 2014 Macbook Pro. A few days ago, I opened my laptop and it won't turn on. It does nothing for about a minute and then a folder with the question mark in it shows up. I tried a restart for a few times getting the same result. Then I followed the insctructions to start the disk...
  8. podge100

    Cataclysmic External Hard Drive Fail

    my seagate expansion external hard drive is formally kaputt. It doesn't show up on my desktop or in disk utility. I am not sure what has happened. I can't do any first aid on it because it is not there. I have switched usb ports and tried on another laptop. Squat. Can anyone help with what...
  9. Gregzo

    iMazing | Manage your iPhone. Your Way.

    Hi everyone! I'm Greg, one of the developers of iMazing. We've been around for a while (remember Diskaid?), and somehow haven't started a thread here in all those years... I guess we were waiting for Dark Mode to come into the spotlight! iMazing is the ultimate iOS device manager. We aim...
  10. U

    SSD adapter to USB for MacBook Air (2013-2014)

    Hello, Background: I'm the proud and despondent owner of a Macbook Air that's apparently died after I forgot it on the garden table for the time it took to be rained on... The machine won't boot, won't talk to me when I ask for forgiveness either-- sadly, I think she's done. Machine: All I...
  11. R

    Diskdrill license

    Accidentally I have formatted one of my external HDD's exFAT partition. I have installed diskdrill but can't recover with free version. Is there a better free app? Or can anyone share a license? Or is there anyone sell a old diskdrill license?
  12. H

    Upgrading MacBook Pro, Mid 2010, 15 inch

    My pro is 500 GB HD, 4 G Ram. I have used less than 90 GB total. I tried to update the OS from Mavericks to High Sierra and it "crashed and burned" even though HS specs on Apple said it would work with my computer. Here's the dumb part: Never backed up anything! Took it to repair shop. Told...
  13. aliensporebomb

    iPhone X "I Got the X" - but some of my old data is gone from encrypted backup

    Well I now own a iPhoneX 256 in the grey color... But I ran into a problem relating to my old phones data: Before this all went down I backed up my 7+ to my iMac (with the encryption so as to keep my healthkit data and some other things) as it was starting to have a number of minor problems...
  14. V

    How to extract data from iphone backup

    HELP!! I've accidentally erased all my notes permanently on my iphone, but they are still in one of my backup files. Went on icloud but the permanent deletion had already synced. Wondering if any of you already had that problem. I don't really trust these third party apps because they have no...
  15. P

    How do I recover deleted pictures from Compact Flash Drive?

    I am looking for the data recovery tool to retrieve my deleted pictures from CF drive. How would I make sure if my picture format is supported? Please help me with 2-3 best software option.
  16. alizxm

    SSD Stopped Working, Now it says "Disk is not readable" Please help.

    This is the first time I'm writing at any forums online in my life! So you can tell how desperate I am to get this issue fixed. I am somewhat in at the outset of a lawsuit and my SDD drive just stopped working. Here's a summary of what happened and what I did: I have a macbook pro mid 2012 and...
  17. seitsme

    Data recovery s/w for external hdd-usb wd passport problem

    hi all, Due to the fact i was trying to install high sierra on my macbook (macbook 6,1 -late 2009) i moved some files on an old external WD passport hdd with usb connection. It seems this hdd now, after HSierra install is not showing contents at all. It shows capacity used/free correctly...
  18. Z

    Hard drive issue...

    Hello, I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right place - so hopefully I am or someone can redirect me! About a month ago I stupidly stood on the right hand corner of my Macbook Pro... Directly on top of where the hard drive can be found! I straight away opened my mac and I'd completely cracked...
  19. asdavis10

    Fusion Drive HDD Data Recovery

    Anyone had any luck recovering data from a HDD where the SSD had failed? Terminal doesn't even show the Logical Volume of the HDD so that it can be forced to mount. Only the EFI partition mounts. I'd certainly never buy a Mac with Fusion Drive and keep them as one disk. Quite the headache if one...
  20. dpaanlka

    Data recovery from dead G4 MDD.

    Hello All, Long ago my father's Power Mac G4 MDD died. It featured two IDE hard drives that were paired by Disk Utility in a "concatenated disk set". We've all long since moved onto modern Macs however he now realizes there are photos on there he wants to retrieve. He went out without my...