1. leanda

    Weird external display/desktop issue

    Hi, Since the last MacOS update the desktop has started doing a strange thing when my MBP wakes from sleep. On the external monitor the desktop is shifted downward from below the menu bar, it happens only after the MBP has been sleeping. I can’t even bring up the dock as it shifts it out of...
  2. The Clark

    Post Your Desktop: May 2020

  3. G

    Eccentric desk top

    Macbook Mac OS High Sierra.10.13.6 Just recently my destop seems to have taken on a mind of its own. It seem to be confusing 'sleep' with 'shutdown' . If I leave my machine on sleep and go away for a couple hours, I'll come back and find that my Mac tried to shut down. Only Firefox refusing to...
  4. LadyJemima

    iMac Pro External USB SuperDrive: not compatible?

    I'm using a late 2015 iMac running on High SIerra 10.13.5. When I plug in my USB SuperDrive, the computer doesn't recognize it (at all - I can't push the disc in). A family member's computer (mid-2010, running on the same OSX) DOES recognize the SuperDrive, but doesn't have the necessary...
  5. allan.nyholm

    I have to ask.. is your Desktop & Screensaver section slow also?

    Hi, So what I've been wanting to ask for a number of weeks and months is this; when in System Preferences and the Desktop & Screensaver portion of same - Is this also so painfully slow that browsing and adding wallpapers is a minute long process at times? For instance I have a series of...
  6. L

    History of macOS / OS X standard wallpapers

    Which is your favorite? Leopard / Snow leopard
  7. Apple_Glen_UK

    Post Your Desktop: May 2019

    Mine for May...
  8. K

    Lost All Folders in Desktop!!

    Fellow humans, I was using Camtasia (video editing software) and it got stuck and I did force quite. Suddenly all folders in my desktop disappeared. I restarted my computer but it is still not there. These folders contained videos & audios so I may have overwhelmed the device, lesson learned...
  9. S

    WhatsApp desktop does not open on mac os mojave

    So I have a new Mac mini with Mac OS Mojave v10.14.4 and I have download WhatsApp Desktop from the AppStore but the app does not even open. Does anyone know how to solve this?
  10. A

    Remote Deployment of Mac Mini

    Hello What is needed to deploy a mac mini in a remote server room and connect from anywhere? My company is setting up a server room and I want to put some mac mini's or MacPro in the server room (with MacMini / MacPro server enclosure from SonnetTech) I want to be able to "VPN" into these...
  11. Z

    receiving the iPhone call on my desktop?

    When i get a call on my iPhone, i can hear a phone ring in Yosmite and also a small popup window, waiting for me to asnwer... what is this... wasent there before! was it? o_O
  12. C

    Desktop icons disappear when attaching external monitor

    I have this odd problem where all my desktop icons disappear as soon as I plug in an HDMI external monitor. They disappear from the desktop itself as well as from any Finder windows that I have open to "Desktop." As soon as I unplug the monitor, they all pop back on again. I've tried...
  13. brammmmmlam

    Frustrating problem

    So I just bought a new macbook air. I downloaded google chrome, I had to drag the chrome icon into my applications folder and now there is an 'installer' icon from chrome on my desktop. I wanted to delete this or drag it into antoher folder but it's just impossible. Even when I look with finder...
  14. M

    Apps - iPad as Computer

    Do you use your iPad (Pro) as your computer? What are your favorite, useful apps that make this possible? Email: Email - multiple email addresses; unified in box, use keyboard shortcuts Browsers: Chrome - sync bookmarks, more robust, request desktop site File Management: Writing...
  15. buttongerald

    Post Your Desktop: November 2018

    A new month is upon us, so let's get to sharing.
  16. GuillaumeB

    Syncing Docs&Desktop on two Mac ?

    Hello, I got two Macs 1 & 2. In iCloud settings I chose to sync Documents and Desktop on both machines Yet on, only Docs&Desktop of Mac 1 show up Besides in the Finder I see that Docs&Folders of Mac 1 shows in the iCloud section of Mac 1 I see that Docs&Folders of Mac 2 shows in...
  17. dvvdv

    Windows vs macOS?

    Here a my two desktops, Windows 7 and macOS! I have both for different programs and tweaks, as you can see below! Just wondering if there are any essential tweaks or mods, programs I should add to either desktop? Suggestions and advice are appreciated, thanks! If you like either desktop, let me...
  18. dvvdv

    Post Your Desktop: July 2018

    Post your desktop below for July! Here's mine:
  19. mayinmayin

    When I go full screen Chrome opens separate desktop

    This is driving me NUTS. Is anyone else having this issue and can you help fix it? Basically when I go full Chrome only it opens it in a new desktop. I've tried F3 to close down separate desktops and close down to one but it keeps reverting every single time. Any ideas?
  20. Lunder89

    Q: Is dynamic desktop picture limited?

    The dynamic desktop feature, is it possible only with some provided desktop pictures, or can any picture be turned into a dynamic desktop picture?