1. H

    Glukose optical sensor for watch.

    Hi everyone! I try to follow apple watch, and look forward to the possible blood oxygen level measuring that much possible will come to the next watch. I Even more look forward to the «not so likely in the next watch»; the blood glucosis optical sensor. A lot of people have diabetes, and should...
  2. S

    Any news sugar testing will be in next series Apple watch?

    So I know it’s a very complicated technology to get a watch to monitor blood sugar, but i read a few months ago companies including Apple, Google are doing this cutting edge research as it’ll be a blockbuster money minting watch. Anyone come across any related news for this?
  3. bryn0076

    Any diabetics using Guardian Connect?

    I’m using Medtronic Guardian connect and I’m getting pretty frustrated with the lack of HealthKit / Apple Watch integration. Are there any techy diabetics out there having any success bridging the gap or importing/exporting their data?