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  1. Z

    digitising old printed photos

    I have quite a few old printed photos i wish to digitise in order to save them from age wearing out. What would be the best way in your opinion to do so? Buying a flatbed scanner on one hand might do the trick but on the other hand what will i do with it once finished? Would you agree that...
  2. steveash

    Film scanners

    I have a lot of old medium format film positive transparencies and 35mm slides that I would like to digitise. I started the job years ago on a Canon scanner but Canon stopped supporting it with driver updates with new versions of OSX rendering it electronic waste. I'm probably looking for a...
  3. H

    Is FCP6 compatible with Digital8 player/recorders such as the Sony GV-D200 or other models?

    I have hundreds of Sony Digital8 tapes and a fair number of Sony Hi8 Tapes. After a catastrophic disaster to my HDDs all my digitised versions of the material on these tapes were lost. So I now need to re-digitise the whole lot as quickly as possible as time has degraded the image and sound...