1. ThatGuyInLa

    VUDU and Disney. UHD heaven!

    It’s the only way to get Disney owned films in 4K, if available. Most of you may know this already but just in case, I mention it. If you want all the MCU films, Pixar, and Star Wars as they become available, and any other Disney property, VUDU is the only way to get full tilt 4K experience on...
  2. gkarris

    Disney to Acquire 20th Century Fox (deal closing in)

    I put it in this area as there are threads on movies and TV. I had mentioned this in "The Orville(TV)" thread. My understanding is, Disney wants to acquire 20th Century Fox - which is all of Fox's Movie/Music/TV properties. Fox will still have its Broadcasting and News. Pretty interesting. I...
  3. Mpavelchik

    Disney 4K movies?

    spiderman homecoming is in 4K and HDR - was the Disney issue only for existing content???
  4. Huntn

    Disney Vacation Experiences

    Ah, the good ole days when Navy Night at Disney Land was $15. Of course this was almost 40 years ago. :p Now a 1 day ticket is a steal at $120. :rolleyes: Yesterday we visited Disney World on our way to a Disney Cruise departing out of Port Canaveral today. They've got quite the money making...
  5. ap60019

    Disney at it again. Content removed from iTunes

    It seems that Disney are at it again and have completely removed Mary Poppins from the iTunes Store. I don't know if this is an isolated case, one movie in the U.K. or not, but I am now unable to redownload Mary Poppins from the iTunes Store on iPad or Mac, nor can I access it on Apple TV 4...