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display ports

  1. S

    GTX980 3 monitors - weirdness

    Hey all - I have a weird issue getting 3 monitors to work on my tower. I have 2 Dell P2715Q 4k monitors that I run as my main monitors, running at 1440p HiDPI each. Both are plugged in using DP to DP cables and I have very little issue with them other than occasionaly one of them doesn't wake...
  2. canonuser

    Any possible way to connect two 5K iMacs in target display mode, but in lower resolution

    i know it kind of defeats the point, but is there any way of using target display mode with two 5K iMacs, but using the targeted display iMac at a lower resolution
  3. K

    Anybody using 5K Philips Brilliance 275P (aka 275P4 aka 275P4VYKEB) with Macbook Pro?

    Since Dell UP2715K seems discontinued and I didn't like hp z27q I wanted to give Philip's 5K a try. But before ordering on-line I was looking for some information about its compatibility with my MacBook Pro 2015 15" (ATI version). To my deep surprise there is close to none. UP2715K is...
  4. A

    What's the Difference Between HDMI and DVI? Which one should I buy?

    Good evening! I'm looking for a digital AV cable to connect my MacBook pro to my HDTV. I found 3 kinds of USB C cable, USB C to HDMI 4k@60Hz, USB C to Display Port 4k@60Hz and USB C to DVI cable 4k@30Hz. It's hard to make a decision. What's the difference between the HDMI, Display Port and DVI...
  5. monecchi

    Mac Mini mid 2011 with a 2560x1440 Samsung display

    I'm thinking about buying a new display for my old Mac Mini (mid 2011). The display it's a Samsung model S27B970D 27-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor - which outputs a 2560x1440 resolution. The display comes with 3 distinct ports, a HDMI, a DL-DIV and a DisplayPort. As per the...
  6. S

    Help: Titan X Weird DP Problem

    The Issue: The display ports are failing "handshake" at boot. They remain blank. If you pull them out of the card and replace when the Mac has booted, then that's okay. Try to boot normally, the DP (scene blank) not seen. D-DVI port or HDMI = OK Anyone got any ideas? PS Passing forwards...