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dolby atmos

  1. Iljale

    Dolby Atmos on Logic through AirPlay on HomePods

    Hey, So I‘m new into mixing Dolby Atmos on Logic Pro and have two HomePods standing on my desk. Is it possible to airplay from my Dolby Atmos internal renderer to my HomePods to play Dolby Atmos or is it impossible? Using an Intel 2019 MacBook Pro 16“
  2. S

    Spatial audio / Dolby Atmos sound very different from iPhone & iPad

    Hello guys, I currently have an audio problem with my AirPods Pro and my Apple TV 4K 3rd gen. I’ve figured out that when I’m using my AirPods Pro, spatial audio sounds very different from my iPhone. It sounds like a reverb/fake Atmos. I don’t really know how to explain but it’s not clear...
  3. mactipple

    Sonos Beam and Apple TV, yay or nay?

    I'm looking to add a sound bar for a projector and Apple TV HD setup. I don't want any wires running to the Beam so the idea of just using AirPlay to send the audio is appealing to me however I can't seem to find reliable information on how well this would work and what audio formats it would...
  4. C

    Apple Music Hi Res Losseless OR Dolby Atmos but not both?

    Not sure if I have this right. I play a track that is available as BOTH Hi Res Losseless and Dolby Atmos. When I play through a DAC and wired headphones it plays at 44k instead of at least 96k when Dolby Atmos is on (under settings>music>Audio>dolby atmos> either automatic or always on). When...
  5. J

    Does Anyone know how to watch movies in Dolby Atmos on Netflix/Disney in Safari?

    the movies i wanna watch are atmos compatible I have a M2 MacBookAir and Safari version 15.6 thanks
  6. bmac89

    Apple Music Dolby Atmos requirements?

    Hello, My understanding is that my Apple devices (iPad Pro 9.7”) are too old for Dolby Atmos but reading the Apple Music blurb it implies that it will work on any Apple Device (with latest version of music app) when using AirPods / AirPods Pro - is that correct? Perhaps it is spatial audio only...
  7. JippaLippa

    Apple Music Option to change sound quality misteriously disappeared

    Hello. I'm on macOS 12.3.1, on a Mac Studio M1 Ultra 48-Core 128GB Ram and I used an iFi Zen Dac V2 (firmware 7.4) to listen to music. Apple music Lossless always worked with no issue and today, out of the blue without cahnging anything, any option to change the quality disappeared, as you can...
  8. J

    MBA M1 Spatial Audio Issues

    Just purchased a M1 Macbook Air to hopefully replace my aging iPad and Intel Macbook. One of the main reasons I wanted it is so I can get Spatial Audio/Dolby Atmos running like on my iPad with my Airpods Max. So far getting limited success (Spatialize Stereo only) on most streaming services and...
  9. GumaRodak

    Apple Music Dolby atmos updates of song

    Hello , anybody knows how the dolby atmos updates of songs happening? for example, my favorit song was recently remastered to dolby atmos. but instead of updating the file/song which i have in library, the new version is called remix 2021…and its handled as an independed song and i have found it...
  10. DHagan4755

    Apple Music Not blown away by Dolby Atmos spatial audio

    This may or may not be a controversial post. After listening quite a bit on both my 2021 16" MacBook Pro & my new Apple AirPods 3, I find myself going into Apple Music preferences & turning Dolby Atmos off. Some songs sound good. There seem to be more songs though that don't sound that great...
  11. phenste

    Insanely conflicted about AirPods 3

    Hi friends! So, the new AirPods look pretty great. I’ve had gen 1 since I could get my hands on em, and I’ve wanted Pros since launch for ANC/better sound quality. However: firstly, I’m holding out for stemless Pros, which don’t seem like they’ll be out for a while; secondly, we’re living in...
  12. tekfranz

    Apple Music iTunes Match -IOS 15 has Dolby Atmos and Lossless but Mac Bg Sur does Not

    I subscribe to iTunes Match. I use a supported AirPods headset. I wish I had the option for lossless, spatial audio and Dolby Atmos on my Mac running Bug Sur but it seems like these are only available on my iPhone running IOS 15. If I subscribe to Apple Music then they appear on my Mac as well...
  13. S

    Dolby Atmos on iPad Air 2

    Hey, so after the update to iPad OS14.6 and above I found out that I have the option to turn on Dolby Atmos in the music settings. However on the official support page for the devices that have Atmos I couldn't find anything about iPad Air 2. But I have it in settings. So does that mean that it...
  14. A

    How does Atmos work when Apple TV sends audio as PCM?

    Since Apple TV decodes and then sends LPCM how does Atmos actually work? Right now I have my Apple TV hooked up to an old Onkyo 7.1 receiver. I can see that it is sending 7.1 multichannel PCM for supported music and movies. Since my Onkyo receiver's other 2 channels/speakers are considered...
  15. C

    Apple Music Now Playing shows Dolby Atmos but lossless when airpod pros connected

    According to Apple when a track is in Dolby Atmos it shows this in Now Playing on iOS (both iPhone and iPad). That is happening when playing through iPhone speakers. This is useful for playlists where there might be a mix of encoding in tracks However once i connect my AirPods pros it shows...
  16. slyronit

    Apple Music Spatial Audio/Lossless hasn't launched in all countries

    In our family (different accounts, same family), we have an iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone XS, iPad, M1 Macbook Air. The new music settings for Spatial Audio and lossless music don't show up on any of these devices. They are all on the latest production OS versions. They all have Apple Music...
  17. Lvivske

    Apple Music Why does Atmos turn off when playing?

    Okay maybe this is a glitch in the info and its actually working fine, but I noticed that if I take a track that is in Atmos, and download it, it says its an Atmos track. When I play it, though, it changes to AAC. If I change tracks and get info after, it goes back to saying its an Atmos...
  18. topbin

    Apple Music Dolby Atmos on Apple Watch?

    Has anyone found a way/know if it's possible to get Dolby Atmos songs onto Apple Watch for listening from there? I've removed the downloaded (non-Atmos) file from Music and allowed things to transfer over to Watch but so far it's still playing the non-Atmos versions.
  19. bryn0076

    Apple Music Songs that sound great with Dolby Atmos

    It seems like some songs really stand out with Dolby Atmos... Time for a list? I'll start:. The Beatles, Yesterday
  20. JeffPerrin

    Apps Vermont Sleep Sounds & Music - Surround Soundscapes for the Apple TV!

    Hey folks! I’m happy to share with my fellow MacRumors forum denizens the release of my latest app for Apple TV, Vermont Sleep Sounds & Music. Vermont Sleep Sounds & Music takes advantage of Dolby Digital surround sound audio to help Apple TV users transform their living room or home theater...