1. Ueuezaza

    iPad 1: Restore Jailbroken 3.2.1 to stock 3.2.1

    Hi guys, today I received a 1st gen iPad Wi-Fi running 3.2.1 (jailbroken). I had the bad idea to reset settings and content and now obviously it is stuck on the Apple logo. I know that I can simply restore it from iTunes, but in that case I can only restore it to 5.1.1, correct? It still runs...
  2. R

    How to roll back to previous version of OSX speech synth from Time Machine?

    I updated to El Capitan. With it, to the App Store appeared updates for speech synthesizers. Because I use the feature on a daily basis as a part of my Applescripts, I updated. After all, the update promised improvements to pronunciation, and I had noticed that sometimes, not often, the synth...
  3. F

    MP 1,1-5,1 Mac Pro 4 1 and GFX / PCIe Strange Issues

    I rarely post to forums, but I lurk a lot. I'll prelude this by saying I've been googling and reading for days, but I can't find a solution that works. I'm posting here hoping someone has an answer from a fresh set of eyes, or to confirm "it's dead, Jim." As a non-known member, I'll do my best...
  4. H

    Downgrade 2017 models to OS X el Capitan?

    I'm going to buy a 2017, 15.4 inch, i7 Quad Core 512SSD, Macbook Pro with OS X mojave already installed. My question is if I can downgrade it to OS X el capitan (or sierra). I think (but i'm not 100% sure) this model came out back in june 2017 with High sierra. Can I in this case install el...
  5. B

    Downgrade from Catalina to Mojave from BEFORE machine's manufacture date...

    Hi, I received my brand new MacMini yesterday, running Catalina of course. For software/driver reasons (mainly my trusted old Wacom tablet), I want to downgrade to Mojave. I got my external drive set up as an installer drive with Mojave on it. It appears in the "Startup Disk" selector, but I...
  6. M

    iPhone 5 or earlier Apple stops signing IOS 6 for the iPhone 4S

    This is to reflect my previous thread that you can find Here. There has been a lot of buzz on the internet lately about IOS 6 no longer being signed for iPhone 4S, and most of it is negative. I am really hopeful that Apple will regret this decision, because it caused me a lot of trouble (lost...
  7. ColdShadow

    Downgrade from Catalina to Mojave

    Is there any way to install Mojave after installing the horrible Catalina 10.15.1? My Macbook gets really hot and there is slowdown with Safari and I just had enough.
  8. ?

    Can I buy a new Mac mini and install Mojave on it?

    Thinking about buying a new Mac mini, to replace my one from 2011. However, I'd need to install Mojave since some of the programs I use don't support 64-bit, plus I need to clean up my iTunes library a lot before I switch to the new media apps. Anyone know if it's possible to buy a Mac mini...
  9. R

    Startup Disk wont appears (Downgrade To High Sierra)

    Hey guys, im running on a mid-2012 macbook pro retina (os catalina) and i want to make a downgrade (to high sierra) but the bootable pendrive wont appears on Startup Disk options. to get more complicated, since i bought this mac i never set a firmware password but the lock appears. so, when i...
  10. apple_bg

    iPhone I successfully installed iOS12.4.2 on my iPhone 6s

    Hi guys. I successfully installed iOS12.4.2 on mine iPhone 6s. I want to share this because there may be people who want to do downgrade, because we know Apple stopped signing iOS12.4.1 ? Below I leave a screenshot to make sure if u want to downgrade
  11. apple_bg

    iPhone I successfully installed iOS12.4.2 on my iPhone 6s

    Hi guys. I successfully installed iOS12.4.2 on mine iPhone 6s. I want to share this because there may be people who want to do downgrade, because we know Apple stopped signing iOS12.4.1 ? Below I leave a screenshot to make sure if u want to downgrade
  12. jwatters579

    Downgrade back to Mojave?

    Can we downgrade back to Mojave?
  13. peanutismint

    Adobe Premiere hardware acceleration not working on Mojave after patcher update from High Sierra...

    I'm pretty sure before I updated to Mojave from High Sierra on my 2011 Macbook Pro (8,1) I had hardware GPU acceleration working in Adobe Premiere. I'm assuming this is an effect of having to patch the video card drivers in the Mojave patcher, though I could just be misremembering it from also...
  14. Fan1s

    MBP9,2 ROM224.0.0.0 Downgrade help

    Hi guys, I am a newbie on this forum, but I am a user of macbook for many years. I have home one Macbook Pro mid2012, i5 2,5Ghz. I was changing a motherboard, but it lost my serial number. I have it form bottom of mac. When I look at "about my mac" the field for serial number is empty. I can...
  15. R

    Safari 12.1 is crashing constantly. Possible to downgrade to prior version?

    I have a 2013 Retina 13 running High Sierra. Yesterday I upgraded to Safari 12.1. The description sounded like a minor update, so I just went ahead and did it. It has ruined Safari. Safari is now crashing constantly without any warning, multiple times per hour. I'm very lucky if I can get 15...
  16. J

    Mac Pro 2009 - downgrade to MP41.0081.807

    Hello everyone I have a problem with my Mac pro 2009 some time ago (5 month ago), I had MP41.0081.807 ROM version (image first.png) Now after some updates (upgrade firmware) and install Mojave, I have the next ROM but I don't know why I have this ROM now (image -...
  17. R

    iPod downgrade iPod classic 160GB (Late 2009)

    I'm trying to downgrade an iPod classic 160GB (Late 2009) from firmware 2.0.4. Can anyone help? I lost some key functionality with the upgrade to 2.0.4 and I'm trying to see if I can downgrade to when I had more (extension cables and such). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks I'm using...
  18. F

    Problems reverting back to Sierra from High Sierra

    Hey all – I'm in a bit of a kerfuffle at the moment and was hoping someone might be able to shed some light on this situation? I've searched through various forums but haven't had any luck. Many thanks in advance. Since upgrading to High Sierra last week, my 15" MBP retina early 2013 began...
  19. L

    Future Downgrade to Installed Firmware

    I have an iPhone 6 currently on iOS 10.3.3. I'd like to update it to iOS 12 to try it out, but I'm afraid that if I upgrade, I won't be able to revert back to the older version I have installed right now. I know you need SHSH2 blobs to be able to downgrade in general, but I am wondering if...
  20. J

    Downgrade to iOS 12, but was I on beta?

    Hello everyone. I was on iOS 12 developer beta 9, then I got the iOS 12 update 1 week before the public. But, this iOS 12 version that was available 1 week before the public, was it a true GM or was it a beta GM? I did a backup on that iOS 12 version before updating to iOS 12.1 developer...