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  1. S

    iPhone How to fix Unexpected error (3044) on Redsn0w?

    Hi, I have an iPhone 4 I am downgrading to iOS 4.3.3, but when I get to the Updating baseband part, it gives me an error 3044. I have tried using iDeviceReRestore and iTunes, but it is unable to send baseband data, also tried with Odysseus, and I tried with -e (erase) and -x (exclude baseband...
  2. ctjack

    Air M1 w/8gb of ram is great again - downgraded from Monterey to Big Sur

    Hello all, So i prepped for this event almost a year. Was sitting on latest Monterey, but got tired of my yellow/red ram pressure and lags across the system. There was no access to the second Mac or big flash drive, lack of knowledge - I postponed my downgrade(from latest Monterey to Big Sur...
  3. ZNDK

    Resolved Repair user folders that can't be started

    I have been unable to boot as a specific user after updating macOS. I want to identify the problem with that user. The Mac crashes immediately after logging in for that particular user. In the case of Safe Boot, a forced reboot will occur before the user selection after the boot process is...
  4. D

    Bigsur dmg downgrade gone wrong

    Hi all, new here, could really use some help… I’m currently using a 2017 256G 13inch MacBook Pro, and I upgraded to Monterey right after its release (a very dumb decision in hindsight). Aftering playing around with the new features, I decided to downgrade back to Bigsur because of app...
  5. tevion5

    Anyone else "downgrading" from a 2019 Mac Pro?

    I waited years to upgrade my 2011 MBP to a dedicated Mac tower. I loved the 5,1s but wanted too wait for the new iteration. Then when the 7,1 was launched in 2019 the price was insane, but for better or worse I decided I'd waited long enough and I had the money even if it was overkill. I've had...
  6. E

    downgrade to ipadOS 14 from 15

    I have an iPad Pro 2020 11-inch which currently runs the latest ipadOS 15.2 I have found this link: If I understand correctly they mention that I can do a delayed downgrade to 14.8.1. Is this true? How can I do that?
  7. P

    Restoring from TimeMachine after downgrade?

    Hi, I have a pure image of BigSur and TimeMachine backup made on Monterey. As far as I understand the only way for me to downgrade from Monterey to BigSur is to reinstall the OS from my BigSur installation (I don't have TimeMachine backup from BigSur) downloaded from AppStore which will lead to...
  8. Aerisdies

    [Restore] Will I be able to downgrade from iOS 15.x to iOS 14.8?

    I just want to ask if will I be able to do downgrade/restore from iOS 15.x to 14.8 because I am expecting Apple Service Center to update my phone's OS from 14.8. Phone: SE 2nd Gen @ 14.8 I will be sending my phone tomorrow for repair because of this lame bs thing. I have checked but it...
  9. Rimmsi

    MBP 2014 firmware downgrade

    Hi, I have an MBP 15 "mid 2014. After upgrading to Big Sur I found that the processor could not be undervolted, it is caused by the last firmware .431 that was installed together with Big Sur. Is there a way to downgrade to Catalina or older firmware? Thank you .
  10. E

    How to downgrade and preserver partitioned Bootcamp

    MacBook Pro 15in 2016 macOS Big Sur 11.2.3 Just recently, within the last month, my MacBook has been getting EXTREME lag.. Like lag 5-10sec lag when im just watching a video stream and typing, with Discord running in the background. I never had this issue until recently, and in the past ive...
  11. T

    Downgrade to El Capitan from unsupported Mac with Catalina (DosDude1 Patcher)

    Hi all, I have a MacBook Pro 5,1 (late 2008) and I recently installed Catalina (patch from DosDude1) to see if it would work. We'll it didn't (properly). The installation went well and everything, but the MacBook is getting hot and the battery drains like hell. Also having the crashes when...
  12. O

    iPad iOS 14.7.1 checkra1n jailbreak works but no installs available

    I successfully installed a jailbreak with checkra1n on 14.7.1 but Cydia functions don’t work properly. Is there a way to work around this or can I downgrade the IOS to 13.5? I’m new with apple products, sorry.
  13. msephton

    Guide: how to downgrade from iOS 15 beta to iOS 14 without losing data

    How to downgrade from iOS 15 beta to iOS 14 without losing any data: Backup your iOS 15 iPhone to your computer (not to iCloud) just to be safe Download the latest iOS 14 ipsw from Apple's servers using Developer portal, or In Finder/iTunes: Option-click the Update button (not...
  14. A

    Failing at downgrading Big Sur

    I've been trying to downgrade to Catalina from Big Sur for 2 days now on a brand new machine that came with Big Sur. I've tried numerous ways. Currently, I'm running into 2 issues. (Ignore the wrong screen resolution in the photos below - this seems to be an effect while in Recovery Mode only...
  15. agraden

    How to find files created after a specific date?

    Hi all, I want to restore my Mac to my last Time Machine backup of Catalina. I'm currently on Big Sur and don't want to lose any new data since upgrading. Is there a way I can view every file I've created, downloaded, saved etc. after a specific date (that date being after upgrading to Big Sur)...
  16. honglong1976

    S3 sports owner, downgraded to S2 Staineless steel and loving it!

    Well, I was always under the impression the latest updates are better, but Apple are proving me wrong. IOS14 has been a stinker so far (battery drain) and WatchOS7 wasn't that much of an upgrade from WatchOS6. I took the plunge and downgraded from an S3 LTE sports model to an S2 stainless steel...
  17. mariogt

    Going from Catalina to Big Sur and back to Mojave

    I don't like write a big wall of text for telling a history but this is my experience going from Catalina to Big Sur and back to Mojave. I'm a developer and I have to test my software from macOS 10.11 (El Capitan) to the newest macOS available (Big Sur), my machine is a 6 core 2,6 GHz...
  18. ShawnyRHarvey

    Downgrade from iOS 14.2 Beta prior to new phone?

    Wondering if there is an easy way to downgrade from iOS 14.2 Beta on my iPhone XS prior to picking up my iPhone 12 Pro next Friday? What are the chances that Apple will add iPhone 12 devices to beta prior to October 23rd?
  19. J

    Series 4 Acting Up: SE or 6?

    I currently have a 44mm Series 4 that is causing some heart ache... slow, battery life not as good as it once was... Anyone go to an SE from a Series 4? I would lose the ECG, but gain a better processor and a new watch with warranty and save some money... or should I go to a Series 6? I do not...
  20. J

    Other iPhone 11 to the iPhone SE 2020?

    Has anyone gone from an iPhone 11 to the new iPhone SE? It’s crossed my mind many times for various reasons and I’m wondering if anyone has actually done it. I know it’s a downgrade in many ways so I’m really curious to hear more from people who have done it and how their experience has been.