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duplicate contacts

  1. J

    all entries in Address Book and Calendar duplicated after upgrading

    Took the plunge to Big Sur last night and the upgrade seemed to go well. No delays or hangs as reported by some. However, I do have one big problem: All of my Address Book and Calendar entries have been duplicated. Obviously, this relates to iCloud, but I'm not sure of the fix. All help...
  2. S

    iPhone 7(+) (1) how to remove duplicate contacts from iPhone *and* iCloud (2) How to download contacts from icloud ?

    Dear Friends Good day ! I'm using couple of iPhones, iPad etc. All linked to the same iCloud account and all using legit iOS Over the years, using google, iCloud etc to migrate contacts from older phones to new ones has landed me in a situation where many of my contacts have duplicates and...