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  1. agraden

    Which web browser consumes the least amount of CPU + energy?

    I've used Chrome, Safari and Edge. Apple told me Safari is best but I'm not seeing that since my 2020 MBP with 16gb of RAM turns it's jet engine fan on much of the time. What have you found to be the most energy efficient browser for your Mac?
  2. mariogt

    TabTopus - Get all your Safari, Chrome, Edge & Brave tabs data, FREE !!

    Hi to all, I just released TabTopus 4.2, now 100% free to use (DonationWare) TabTopus is a useful and lightweight macOS App (optimized for Apple Silicon and Intel CPUs), that lets you export the names and URLs of all your tabs actives, either in Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge...
  3. brinary001

    Microsoft's new Edge browser is a great alternative to Chrome for those seldom occasions when Safari won't do

    Safari is my main browser across all my Apple devices. While it's a good browser, that isn't necessarily by choice, as Apple prevents their users from choosing a different default browser. However, in macOS you have a bit more freedom than Apple's other platforms, and while I still use Safari...
  4. S

    Safari, Firefox, Chrome or Edge?

    I noticed over the years Safari is not as fast as it used to be and does not render pages as smoothly as it once did. I prefer not to use Chrome for a myriad of reasons (I use it at work, that's about it). I love Firefox but I can't make it my preferred browser on iOS. Edge, not sure yet. What...
  5. V

    2018 MBA vs MBP trackpad size

    If you compared them side by side, you will immediately notice MBA trackpad is smaller than the MBP counterpart. Theory? Logically it seems they wanted to distinguish pro line from the air by deliberately making the air trackpad smaller thus compelling buyers to opt for the pro models and pay...
  6. jimmy_uk

    iPhone 8(+) 8 plus rough/raised edges?

    Does the 8 plus normally have raised/rough edges where the glass meets the metal frame? On the back I can feel an edge, assuming its the plastic gasket between the glass and metal band but after using the seamless 7 plus this doesn't feel great on the hand. The front glass blends into the...
  7. S

    Which phone would you choose?

    A B C
  8. T

    Microsoft or Google with iOS collaboration

    I have been using the Apple Ecosystem for a long time now. I use an iPhone 6s Plus, an iPhone 6, an iPad Air 2 and an iMac for my small business. Recently, I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. What would be the best ecosystem for both Apple Devices and the Samsung Device to collaborate...