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electric issues

  1. H

    iPad Electric tingling when charging my iPad Air (2019)

    I felt the electric tingling TWICE when charging my iPad Air (2019) with the genuine iPad charger (UK version). Is that normal? Should I take it to Apple store for a check?
  2. raph06

    Magsafe problem

    Hello everyone, I'm no electronics expert, but something is wrong with my magsafe charger and I would like your advice on the subject. So a few days ago my charger stopped working and I assumed it was due to a cable malfunction as it often is. So I bought a new cable, opened the charger up and...
  3. V

    Macbook Pro behaving erratically

    Hi all. I have a Macbook Pro 17, mid 2010 and some strange things happened lately. I just wanted to see if any of you experienced similar issues. 1. The battery does not charge, the status bar where the battery is usually shown now says: Not Charging 2. The battery was fully charged few days...