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Aug 29, 2018
Hello everyone,

I'm no electronics expert, but something is wrong with my magsafe charger and I would like your advice on the subject.

So a few days ago my charger stopped working and I assumed it was due to a cable malfunction as it often is. So I bought a new cable, opened the charger up and started to notice some weird things.

First of all,
-I noticed an unusual amount of duck tape/isolation tape or plastic things pretty much everywhere
-The aluminum piece that surrounds the circuit board happens to be screwed on the circuit.

After taking a closer look I noticed that the ground pin was not connected and as I grabbed the circuit I took two strong discharge even though it was unplugged for a couple of minutes. Some component happens to constantly emit some kind of strong electrostatic discharge.

So I bought this charger in a computer store and paid for an apple one.
Is there any chance this might be a fake?

Thank you for your answers.



Feb 9, 2003
totally possible its not an original apple charger.

even if you buy parts on amazon there are tons of fakes.

the ONLY way to be sure to get genuine apple parts is to buy them directly from apple - and only directly from apple.

therefore, not buying at:
-not buying at any physical store that is not owned and operated directly by apple itself (and definitely not so called "authorized" stores)
-not buying at any web store that is not the apple web store
-not buying at places like "apple official distributor" physical shops such as are found in vietnam or india.

therefore, people who live in countries other than where apple stores are located, can not be sure they have genuine parts .
its that much of problem.


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May 9, 2017
Austin, TX
Honestly you are really luck something worse didn't happen with jerry-rigging that is inside that charger. It could very well be a fake, but either way looks like it is time to buy a new cord.

I have a personal policy that I always buy Genuine Apple chargers from Apple only, or a certified Apple retailer like Best Buy. I do not trust Amazon, eBay or any private seller to give me an authentic Apple charge. It's not worth it to save a few bucks if it risks damaging your expensive computer.
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Nov 19, 2018
Wales, UK
Depending on the model on macbook and the voltage requirements, and if the magsafe end-pice is ok, it's possible to re-use the magsafe end-piece, chop the cable, and connect any correct voltage power-supply to it, soldered and heat-shrinked. The problem after this is that the pogo-pins in the magsafe can't handle the current surges of some adaptors, in which case the solution is to open the laptop, switchout the magsafe block, and create a new adaptor housing with a barrel connector. Then you really can use any suitable charger.
It's good the newer models have adopted a more open and flexible USB-C Power Delivery!
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Oct 18, 2008
If the ground pin is not connected to anything it's definitely fake or tampered, apple ground pins are always connected inside charger.


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Nov 19, 2018
Wales, UK
I wasn't saying the opposite. I'm emphasising that one doesn't have to buy apple to get a good charger to work with their laptop.