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  1. Piipperi

    BlueStacks and Nox App Player not booting, support teams of both apps refuse to help me, what can I do?

    It's been a month since visiting BlueStacks, so I decided to go and check what's happening with my games, and... it didn't want to boot. Quick Google search of the error "Could not start the Engine" I got gave me many results with all of them telling me to reinstall Bluestacks. No problem, so I...
  2. J

    UTM running x86-64 Ubuntu 20.04 on M1 and the Potential for x86 Windows

    I've been playing around with AMD64/x86-64 emulation using QEmu via the UTM app. My initial use was Ubuntu 20.04 to assess the performance potential for someone who wants to emulate either Linux or Windows on Apple Silicon and specifically the M1. I'm testing on my M1 16GB/1TB MacBook Air. I've...
  3. jent

    Emulating/virtualizing my old Macs and their data

    I'm somewhat new to these concepts so feel free to correct me or ask for clarification. I'm planning to get rid of some of my previous Macs (that are between nine and fifteen years old) and I'm in the process of copying all the data over to external hard drives so I can wipe the computers clean...
  4. JippaLippa

    Can somebody with an M1 kindly test if an app opens through rosetta 2?

    Hello everyone. In my workflow I use plenty of high profile applications, which I'm sure can be used with the current M1 processors (either in native or rosetta 2 translation mode), but there are also a few smaller applications I rely on, that I'm not sure would open on an M1 chip...
  5. E

    Windows running on M1 with QEMU x86 emulation

    I came across this on twitter, by the looks of it, it may not be too long before we can run productivity type apps (like Outlook 365) also on the new apple silicon
  6. PowerPlayG5


    Hi, So a couple of years ago, I was scrolling through youtube, searching for ppc stuff on my old g5 mac, when I found this channel This channel boasts a Intel mac app "Emulator" that seems to run similar to Wine. Of course the channel has...
  7. J

    Could x86-64 emulation be possible on ARM Macs?

    Rosetta 2 will not support virtualization using x86-64. And people are talking about it. But could x86-64 emulation be possible?
  8. WhiteKnightMac

    OS X PlayStation 2 Emulation

    I've looked into PS2 emulation for Mac and the most up to date software I can find is PCSX2(mac) however this hasn't been updated since 2012 and according to their website is a beta that runs on Lion. Is there any software that can run on Sierra?
  9. WhiteKnightMac

    OS Neutral Best Final Fantasy

    In your opinion, Which is the best Final Fantasy game that you have personally played? What system is best for that particular game? How do you play it today? i.e Steam, OpenEMU, Console.