1. P

    Need A Simple iPhone "Macro" To Enable & Disable Notifications

    Hello, and thank you for reading this to help assist me in this. I am looking for a very specific request, and nothing that's alternative to my request, unless it is very simple and does exactly the same thing: I am looking for an automated method that would Enable the "Allow Notifications"...
  2. S

    Can’t enable WiFi calling.

    Been working with Verizon but still can’t find a way to enable WiFi calling. Every time I try to turn it on on my iPhone I get the message “to allow WiFi calling on this account, contact Verizon”. Verizon assures me it is enabled and activated on their end. Anyone had this problem?
  3. seitsme

    iPhone 6(S)(+) how to unhide the sim pin choice- missing iphone 6x

    hello, I noticed that in the iphone 6s if you want to change the sim pin number-code, you must go to the settings and then phone and then should be a choice to change the sim pin code1 or 2. The problem is that i have no such menu choice on my iphone 6s, updated to latest version. phone is...
  4. U

    SMS message not getting sent after sending an iMessage and subsequently disabling of iMessage

    When an iMessage has been successfully delivered, then if subsequently iMessage is disabled and we try to send a normal SMS message in the same conversation to those whom iMessage had been sent earlier, I get the error message that I need to enable iMessage. We have to delete the whole...
  5. Daniel Reed

    Confirmed: Enable Night Shift on 2011 iMac

    Works (for now)! echo "Night Shift Enable Script for Unsupported Macs" echo "version 1.0" echo "Script made by Isiah Johnson (TMRJIJ) / OS X Hackers" I applied and ran Isiah's script on a handful of 2011 iMac desktops today - NO PROBLEMS...