Confirmed: Enable Night Shift on 2011 iMac

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    Daniel Reed

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    Works (for now)!

    echo "Night Shift Enable Script for Unsupported Macs"
    echo "version 1.0"
    echo "Script made by Isiah Johnson (TMRJIJ) / OS X Hackers"

    I applied and ran Isiah's script on a handful of 2011 iMac desktops today - NO PROBLEMS

    Be sure to disable SIP first:
    1. Click the menu.
    2. Select Restart...
    3. Hold down command-R to boot into the Recovery System.
    4. Click the Utilities menu and select Terminal.
    5. Type csrutil disable and press return.
    6. Close the Terminal app.
    7. Click the menu and select Restart....

    Drag "Enable" into terminal and press return

    Follow onscreen instructions... then restart when prompted

    You're done - enjoy Night Shift on your older Mac !
    Hint - Night Shift settings are in "Displays" on "System Preferences..."

    Thank You Isiah Johnson (TMRJIJ) and OS X Hackers !!!

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    Thanks for the shoutout. Although, It would be best to get the updated version of the script from the GitHub Repository

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