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  1. maxoakland

    Generative AI, Environmental Damage, and Apple's Environmental Committment

    Are you OK with the high amounts of environmental damage caused by ChatGPT and other generative AI? Especially now that it's included in one of the most popular phones on the planet? That's going to add millions of pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere Doesn't this undo almost all of the...
  2. Svetlin

    Tons of perfectly usable Macs bricked!

    Recently i have starting looking into a potential issue about Apple's software design. I'm talking about iCloud's activation lock and how it affects Tons of usable machines! A refurbisher (@RDKLInc on twitter) has been sharing stories of numerous locked T2 enabled Intel Macs, and now even M1...
  3. A

    Does upgrading to macOS mojave break development environments?

    Does upgrading to macOS mojave break development environments?
  4. statik13

    Sudan, the world’s last male northern white rhino, has died

    This is very heartbreaking; News from this morning Sudan, the world’s last male northern white rhino, has died, putting his species on the brink of extinction From the article: "Sudan spent the last years of his life under 24-hour protection from armed guards. His horn had been chopped off...
  5. M

    linux terminal -bash: env: No such file or directory

    Hi All, Following is the issue i'm facing. i'm new to the terminal and this linux env I tried to set the env variables on my mac for the ANT and MAVEN. something nano ~/.bash_profile and after logging back, my terminal always opens with the following commands and any linux command i run it...
  6. dav951753

    Do you charge MacBook (Pro) all the time?

    Hello, everybody ! I have a question about the battery of Macbook pro. Because the 13" monitor is too small for me so I bought a 24 inches Dell monitor. And I want to wonder whether I can charge my Macbook pro all the time when I use it. Because if you don't charge it then you can't show...
  7. AlexGraphicD

    Why don't people buy Refurbished instead of brand new?

    Seriously, it is better for the environment and you get a high quality machine just like a brand new with extended warranty and cheaper. If Apple offered refurbished iPhones I would get one too. Instead, I bought one on eBay in excellent condition with a three days use from the original owner...