1. haralds

    MP 1,1-5,1 ASMedia PCIE eSATA Adapter - Yateng

    Has anybody tried this card? It's based on the ASMedia chipset, which I know is supported. The vendor claims it works.
  2. namethisfile

    eSATA PCIe card compatible with MacOS Sierra?

    Anyone know if these cards are compatible with MacOS Sierra? NewerTech MAXpower eSATA 6G Pro PCIe 2.0 Controller Card CalDigit FASTA-6GU3 Plus PCIe card Sonnet Tempo SATA Pro 6GB 4-port Other? The CalDigit and Sonnet cards seems to hint at MacOS Sierra support on their websites. I've also...
  3. soundbuff

    Getting my 5,1 up to speed, need help!

    Hey Guys, So I've been following this forum since years and learned a lot from the experts here to troubleshoot all my mac troubles so far. You guys are great! Recently, I bought a MP5,1 for professional needs. I do post production sound and although the workflow is not heavy like video...
  4. M

    eSATA raid controller external drive problem error

    I have a PCI eSATA raid controller in my classic Mac Pro '09 running El Capitan which I am using in JBOD mode with an external 4 drive enclosure and also for a OS 10.8.5 external boot drive for running some essential legacy software. In El Capitan I keep getting this error even though I have...
  5. M

    PCIe 2.0 lanes and card channels - fast card specs

    Looking at PCIe cards for MP 4,1 and 5,1. I want a fast SATA card with at least one eSATA and one internal port. CMP 2010 has PCIe 2.0 with "mechanical support for 16 lane cards." There are three open slots. one PCIe 2.0 X 16 and two PCIe 2.0 X 4. I assume one of the PCIe 2.0 X 16 slots is the...
  6. M

    Best SATA III card for Mac Pro 5,1

    Flashed machine running El Capitan. Anyone have an idea as to the best SATA III PCIe port multiplier card/brand for Mac Pro '09? I want to boot from eSATA. Internal connectors would be a plus, as would RAID. Looking for something in the $150 and under range.
  7. W

    Raid 5 over 300MB/s write possible?

    Hey everyone, My knowledge concerning external raid is pretty limited. However, I can't seem to find a raid enclosure that can get reasonable write speeds for terabytes of data with redundancy. I'm limited to USB 3 and esata speeds being on a 2009 Mac Pro (no thunderbolt). From what I...
  8. 0

    Can Thunderbolt pass ATA commands to attached HDDs?

    Hi, Does anyone know if a SATA drive connected via an eSATA adapter to a Thunderbolt port can successfully receive and act upon ATA commands? So: SATA -> eSATA -> Thunderbolt -> MacBook Pro. I'm primarily thinking of using the Sanitize Device command.
  9. M

    are eSATA cards generic?

    I have a Sans Digital eSATA enclosure connected to one (home) of my Mac Pro 5,1 computers. It came with an eSATA PCIe card which I installed in one of the PCI slots and the unit has worked fine for the last several OS upgrades I made on that machine, starting with 10.6.8 and up to OS 10.8.5. I...