Raid 5 over 300MB/s write possible?

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    Hey everyone,
    My knowledge concerning external raid is pretty limited. However, I can't seem to find a raid enclosure that can get reasonable write speeds for terabytes of data with redundancy. I'm limited to USB 3 and esata speeds being on a 2009 Mac Pro (no thunderbolt). From what I understand, raid 5 has limited write speeds that are heavily dependent on the controller. All of the external enclosures I have looked at seem to be limited to about 200 to 250MB/s write speeds. Is it even possible to get over 300MB/s using raid 5 over USB 3 or esata. Or is raid 10 a more viable option?
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    Yes, it's possible.

    Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 7.42.01 AM.png


    In this example, they bonded four 1gigabit ethernet connections to achieve these throughputs.

    But if you are looking to get high speeds to and from a single system, you would be better off using 10GbE. I put together my own NAS and I get about 300MB/s writes and 800MB/s reads using extremely slow drives.

    In the following thread, I detailed how I got 10GbE up and running on my Mac Pro for under $100:

    This following post details the NAS that I'm using:

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