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  1. X

    MP 1,1-5,1 [ISSUE ON Ethernet Port]Mac Pro (mid 2012) Ethernet Port 1 dead?

    My machine is the Mid 2012 Mac Pro which it's updated to Mojave 10.14 not more then a month. One day I got a error report about the connection to the internet when I'm using bootcamp Win10. After a day I switch to macOS then I can't connect my Mac Pro to internet via ethernet port 1 but is fine...
  2. Phil in ocala

    Workaround for dead ethernet port

    Did some reading....bought at BestBuy the Apple Gigabit Ethernet Adapter....ran an ethernet cable to the adapter on the mini then plugged in adapter to ethernet far it works more mac mini searching for wifi network each time.....You would think Apple would let people know.
  3. Phil in ocala

    Mac Mini Mid 2011 ethernet port dead

    Read on line that this happened because of system OS update...I am running 10.11.6 and my only connection is by wifi....anyone know a fix that is not overly complicated...there is a fix posted on line but you must be a total computer Geek to understand it and do it....that is not me.