MP 1,1-5,1 [ISSUE ON Ethernet Port]Mac Pro (mid 2012) Ethernet Port 1 dead?

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by XLxY, Nov 4, 2018.

  1. XLxY, Nov 4, 2018
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    My machine is the Mid 2012 Mac Pro which it's updated to Mojave 10.14 not more then a month. One day I got a error report about the connection to the internet when I'm using bootcamp Win10. After a day I switch to macOS then I can't connect my Mac Pro to internet via ethernet port 1 but is fine on ethernet port 2. I checked the system report about the Ethernet Cards then only one Intel 82574L show up (Normally is 2 Intel 82574L listed). Is that means my ethernet port 1 dead? Moreover, I run AHT via my old OS HDD and there a error code "4SNS/1/40000001:lp6M-0.960".

    Then I reinstall my Mac Pro to El Cap 10.11 and the Ethernet 1 still not shows up.....Please help and should I buy a PCIe ethernet card for backup if the ethernet 2 not work?

    Ths for any helps
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    Sure sounds like it's dead if it's not showing up in System Report/Profiler. One thing you can try would be to shut down and completely unplug your Mac Pro's power cable. Leave it unplugged for several minutes to let the capacitors completely drain any residual electricity. Then plug it back in and power on. If the Ethernet controller is still missing from System Report then I think it's safe to say it is a hardware failure.

    If it is dead, then I think you need to ask yourself if you actually need two ethernet ports. I would say the vast majority of cMP owners only use one (or none if they have an Airport card installed). I myself like knowing I have two ports available but I can think of only one time I needed both ports.
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    My port #1 died after a lightning strike. It's not really a big deal.

    You still have the other ethernet port, and wireless. I also have a Gbit USB3 dongle if I ever need it, but I don't see the need. I wish mine was working, but really don't NEED it here. YMMV
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    And one interesting thing want to share, the HDD 1-4 tray failed at the same time when the ethernet port not working, and luckily it works now. Im using E2 SSD as my OS location with Samsung 950 SSD velocity for bootcamp.

    I hope it just the coincidence but not related to the update of Mojave 10.14.1 .
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    In my case, I dont want to lose the port #2 if any accident happened because wireless is not reliable.

    I may decide to buy a PCIe ethernet card for main use in the future.

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