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face id

  1. M

    iPhone X TrueDepth Not working on iPhone X after water damage

    Hello Everyone, I was on a boat and apparently water hit my iPhone causing the Apple logo to shut down and repeat itself I came home and opened the iPhone, disconnected the battery and dry it with fan, I tried to turn on again and it worked. but now my Face ID is disabled because " a problem...
  2. B

    Does disabling the passcode on one device affect others on the same iCloud account?

    I can't seem to find any info on what happens to other devices on the same iCloud account when the passcode and Face ID is disabled on just one of them. I want to be able to launch an app on an old iPhone 12 without having to first unlock it, using the back tap shortcut. It'll be mounted in a...
  3. hyperbolic

    Don’t use TouchID or FaceID if you’re concerned about privacy

    A landmark court battle recently found that State & Federal government law enforcement agencies are allowed to compel (read that as “force”) citizens to unlock their phone if TouchID or FaceID is enabled, but they are not allowed to do so if the user unlocks the phone with a passcode that must...
  4. L

    iPhone 12: 4 x faults at once, have I got a lemon?

    I've had my iPhone 12 for 2 years from new, and all of a sudden the Face ID, compass, screen lock (when you're on a call) and brightness setting all stopped working at once. This has been confirmed as hardware failures by Apple, but they don't actually specify what's caused the issues, they only...
  5. L

    Face ID failed & other issues on iPhone 12

    Hi everyone, I was just wondering if anyone could offer me a little tech help please? A couple of days ago I got simultaneous issues on my iPhone 12, and it wasn't after an "event" such as updating my phone, dropping it, etc - it all just randomly happened at once whilst my phone was sat on the...
  6. Eyeware Beam

    We made an SDK for indie game developers to create immersive head and eye tracking-enabled PC games without wearables

    We are Eyeware Tech, a Swiss company powering the future of human-machine interaction. We put the tech into a free beta app that turns a Face ID-supported iPhone or iPad, with a built-in TrueDepth camera, into a precise, multi-purpose, six degrees of freedom (6DoF) head and eye tracking device...
  7. T

    Future of the MacBook Pro notch?

    I'm considering getting a MacBook pro within the next couple years and I'm curious about peoples' thoughts about the future of the notch. I'm not super opposed to the notch in its current form, but if I could wait to get more functionality out of it (i.e. FaceID) I would. One the one hand, I've...
  8. S

    2021 MacBook Pro - Wait for Face ID or take the plunge?

    So I'm a proud owner of a 2012 MacBook Pro, looking to upgrade my machine, and I absolutely adore the latest Macbook Pros! Compared to the 2012 version, it's everything and more.The notch doesn't bother me in the slightest, and I'm honestly glad that the menu bar doesn't drop down on full screen...
  9. H

    Poll: How long will it take Apple to add FaceID to Mac notebooks?

    It seems certain that FaceID will come to desktop Macs first, but considering the notch is here, how long do you think it will take for Apple's notebooks to get FaceID?
  10. Thor774

    Security alert: iOS 15 broke "Require attention for Face ID" when using "Unlock with Apple Watch"

    iPhone XS Max and AW Series 6 owner here. I have been using the function Unlock with Apple Watch since its inception and have loved it, but something has changed since the update to iOS 15 and watchOS 8. There is a Face ID feature that I consider very important to keep my iPhone secured...
  11. dk001

    iPhone 13 This WTH Applies to all iPhone 13’s - Screen repair

    Ran across this in ou Tube about screen replacement and Face ID for iPhone 13’s - all models. Stuff lIke this makes you understand why more and more folks are looking at Apple with a negative view.
  12. P

    iPhone 12 Pro Face ID for iOS Mail and Messages

    Does iOS 14 allow the ability to require Face ID authentication when opening the iOS Mail App? I've looked in the settings (Face ID->Other Apps) but don't see the option to enable Face ID for the built in Apple Mail App. I'm able to enable Face ID for iOS Outlook along with other third party...
  13. S

    All iPads Ipad Unlock method for future ipads

    I have an iPad 6th gen. Many people and I are excited for the new iPad pros but some have missed touchID. The iPad air has touchID on the powerbutton. I'm kind of worried for the future ipad, that I think it'll lose it's touch id.
  14. PhillyGuy72

    14.5 Face ID w/ Mask. Broken!?

    Updated both iPhone and Apple Watch today . I tested the Face Mask - ID unlock, it worked 2 times and that's that...I cannot get this to work anymore! ? I restarted the watch and phone, toggled off/on the "Unlock w/ Watch" in Face ID phone settings, no luck. I'll get this "Unlocking" screen...
  15. T

    Face ID is not working in totally crushed iPhone 11

    Hi, I've buyed totally crushed iPhone 11. The Face ID is not working, but when I try to set-up him, the camera works fine a few seconds but without the "Green lines" and after some seconds I've got "Face ID is Not Available" I'm hoping that the Face ID back to work in the moment that i replace...
  16. P

    iPhone 12 Pro Max Face ID Failing Issue

    I’m not 100% certain that this occurred right after 14.3 release but it is happening frequently enough now to be noticeable. Intermittently waking and unlocking my 12 Pro Max is sluggish with Face ID just hanging and sometimes failing altogether resulting in the password field popping up. Again...
  17. jairjm

    iPhone 12 FACE ID WITH MASK

    I don't know how or why, but since today my iphone when i unlocked it with face ID with a mask on, it works. I have restarted it many times thinking that this is a bug, but not, it sitll works. For your information, i have an iphone 12, and ios 14.2 (ios 14.3 beta not installed) Have you...
  18. PhillyGuy72

    Revised 14.2 for iPhone 12's (Face ID unlocking WITH face mask on? - Bug??)

    I updated the iPhone 12 Pro Max to the new 14.2 build last night. Install was fine, no problems from what I could see. Was at the store about 1 hour ago, face mask on, sunglasses on, winter hat on. I pulled out the phone and was ready to manually enter passcode in, the Face ID screen appeared...
  19. D

    iPhone 12 Pro Face ID suddenly unlocking iPhone 12 Pro even with mask

    Hi everyone! I am wearing the mask in the attached picture, and today, my iPhone 12 Pro started unlocking even with it on! I have not done any Face ID registration with my mask on. I wonder if this is because my mask does not cover my chin? Since the beginning of the pandemic, I have been...
  20. EEzycade

    iPhone 12 iPhone 12 First Impressions!

    Well I finally upgraded from my 8. Walked out of the Verizon store last night with a brand new iPhone 12 (Pacific Blue, 128gb). Thought I would share my first impressions with all of you. Let's start with the positive: -I like the bigger screen. -The quality of the screen is a big step up from...