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  1. Sovon Halder

    Is M1 app opening really that snappy though?

    I think the depiction of snappiness showed on video on today's event was misleading. I've been using M1 Mac Mini 16GB 256GB since it came out but when I open my apps, it nearly not as snappy as shown on apple's video. In my computer at least it takes half a second to open apps like messages etc...
  2. KeanosMagicHat

    Apple Watch Series 6 - Buying a Charger - Fast Charge?

    It seems that Apple’s decision not to include a charger with several versions of the Apple Watch Series 6 has completely split opinion to the extent that no amount of debate will change a person’s mind. So that wasn’t the purpose of me posting this thread – they’ve made the decision and if you...
  3. C

    Difference between iPad 18w adapter Vs USB type c 18w adapter?

    Apple is now selling USB type c 18w adapter as they say it can fast charge iPhone XS Max. How is it different compare to 18w USB type A adapter comes with iPad? Should I only use type c 18w adapter to charge AirPods pro and iPhones? Or type A 18w adapter is ok?
  4. C

    Best way to charge Airpods Pro

    I have ordered Airpod pro. I notice it comes with USB type - c to Lightning port. I don't have any type c devices to charge Airpod pro neither have a wireless charger. Should I buy apple 18W type c adapter or wireless charger? which will be fast to charge?
  5. alanmadzar

    MP All Models NVMe vs. SAS/SATA In Your Workflow

    Hello there, Has anyone come across a situation in developing applications (ex. 3D editing/rendering, photoshop, high-res audio) where you needed an NVMe interface as part of your storage workflow, as opposed to SAS/SATA? I know NVMe is pricier, but has anyone come across a situation where the...
  6. arar

    Universal Supergun - Fast-paced arcade racer

    Supergun is a fast-paced arcade racer with simple controls, retro-styled 3D graphics and nice electronic music.
  7. Z

    Measuring how fast are my applications running?

    Is there some way to measure the speed that specific applications are running in OSX? I have a feeling that in Yosemite, Indesign CS6 isnt running as it used to and im not certain if its a OS upgrade from SnowLeopard to Yosemite or something else. It be cool if there was a way to measure its...
  8. Evox75

    iPhone X with 11.1.2

    Phone gets very hot and battery drains very fast. Not sure if it’s due to the jailbreak but it didn’t seem to do it before. I’ve noticed my money % available goes to 3-4% during this overheat condition. Is there a way to in real time specially what is using so much memory? I’m hoping I...
  9. iTosaf

    iPhone X iOS 11.2 fast QI charging?

    Hi everyone, On Saturday I updated my iPhone X to iOS 11.2 and wanted to see the wireless charging speed improvement, so I filmed it using my iPad Pro: The iPhone was connected to a fast $20 wireless QI charger via iPad usb ac adapter over Kill a Watt. I was surprised after discovering that...
  10. MattJones

    Locking the iPhone X faster

    Anyone who has an iPhone X probably noticed there is a significant delay from when you push the lock button to when the device actually locks. This is because of it waiting for a potential second input to trigger Apple Pay. I found that if you turn off the 'double tap to activate Apple Pay' in...
  11. muharremozkan

    PDF Search for iOS : AI-powered search within PDFs

    Hello to Everyone, PDF Search is a PDF reader, making AI-Powered search to find the most relevant pages inside thousands of PDF documents quickly. It will show you the most relevant pages by ranking them using its AI-Powered algorithm. You can find the detailed information on application web...
  12. Mac.Greg

    Zing: Professional branding and watermarking for perfect visuals and enhanced protection of photos

    Greetings everyone, My name is Greg and I am the developer of Zing. It is my first macOS app. My wife, who is a professional photographer (she is mentioned in the testimonials section of if you are curious about her work), is the reason I built it. If you’re interested in that...
  13. LuckyOneLviv

    Account blocked and won't unblock!

    Hello all from Ukraine! I have some very weird problems with my Apple ID. I haven't logged icloud e-mail... And now, after blocking my account, I can't unblock it by e-mail because I can't login to my e-mail(because my account is blocked)! Please help me faster! iPad 3 P.S. And secrets questions...
  14. S

    Fan issue driving me nuts

    So my 10 month old MacbookPro is driving me nuts, Apple tells me it's quite normal for the fan to start spinning the way it does. I took it to their store and they weren't concerned by the noise, of course in a busy store you can hardly hear the fan but in a quiet room it's infuriating. The...
  15. B

    Mac Mini Mid 2007 - Help

    #1148 Hey, i was just wondering how good my mac mini mid 2007 with 2.0ghz core 2 duo CPU, 4gb RAM and an SSD would work on Yosemite? Thanks Kai
  16. guitaristant12

    Check out this app!

    Pxsell is a great startup app that apparently is one of the top 10 best selling apps! Crazy, just heard about it a couple days ago actually. Fast way to sell stuff and even buy things!
  17. A

    SSD not so fast as the first time ...

    HI! When I bought my 2015 13" Retina Macbook Pro with 512GB SSD (with Yosemite), I ran a Black Magic Speed test and It showed me about 1300 MB/s write and read speed. Nowadays I ran a Black Magic again after 4 months later (with ElCapitan) and It showed me only 600 MB/s write speed (half as the...
  18. HotTotem

    Universal Borderline! - Game

    Hello everyone, we from HotTotem are happy to present you our first game: Borderline! With BorderLine!, HotTotem breaks free from the boundaries of the endless scroller genre. Instead of floating around the centre, or moving along the bottom, you must guide the Orb by jumping between one...