1. B S Magnet

    Resolved The “Open With…” Finder fly-out thread

    Something’s been low-key nagging at me for a little while as I flip-flop between machines running Tiger, Leopard, and Snow Leopard, versus running stuff newer like Sierra (or Mountain Lion, via VMware): What’s the process behind the “Open With…” fly-out in Finder and why does it behave...
  2. L

    Mail not fetching over mobile data

    Hi, i’m not getting email notifications unless on wifi, however my mail and fetch settings I believe are set to receive notifications over mobile data. How can I enable for gmail emails to fetch automatically over mobile data too? what is interesting is that at the bottom of the first...
  3. ChrisLisi1982

    iOS mail or gmail AND outlook?

    I have the iPhone X, I have email with outlook and gmail, I’ve been using the official apps for both but am tempted to use the built in mail app but I’m concerned that as gmail has to use fetch it will drain the battery? I would want it to fetch new mail as often as possible so every 15 minuets...
  4. K

    Gmail + iOS11 / how I miss thee (again)

    Like likely many others, I was super excited when updating to iOS11 to have gmail actually work on my iPhone again! For years (even though I have 15min fetch enabled), gmail would only update if I did so manually. It was great to see emails come up on my Apple Watch (something I had rarely come...
  5. M_W

    Question about iCloud Push vs Fetch vs Manual

    I've recently enabled iCloud for Safari, Notes, Photo Library, etc. and for the most part, it seems to be working well. However, say for example that I write a note on my iPad and it gets saved to iCloud, when I open up the notes app on my iPhone it takes a few seconds for the note to download...
  6. CorporateFelon

    Mail>Account>Fetch New Data time only a global option?

    In iOS 10 I'm only seeing a single global setting, that applies to every account, to be able to specify the Fetch time. For some reason in previous iOS verions I remember being able to specify different times per account. Did I remember this correctly and iOS 10 no longer allows this? Or did I...
  7. Dj64Mk7

    What does Low Power mode do to save power?

    I know that there's a list of things under the toggle in Settings, but I was curious what else Low Power mode does to save power. For instance, it disables mail fetch, but does it also disable mail push?
  8. C

    iPhone RSS reader with push or fetch notifications?

    Welcome, I am looking for a good RSS Reader with Push or at least with fetch notifications. I tried newsify and a few other app but all of them has the same problem. I need to open the app to have a feed update, and if I want nofitications later, I need to run the app in the background. But I...