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  1. Rogueblue

    iPad Recently deleted in Files app won’t permanently delete from iPad

    I’ve got a number of files from “On my iPad” deleted and currently in the “Recently deleted” section of the Files app. But I’ve tried numerous times and in numerous ways to permanently delete these ... but when I “select all”, press delete and confirm to delete, they Appear initially to be...
  2. JhnsSch

    iPad Pro Will Apple charge 1,5k for iPad Pro self-destruction? - Stuck at Apple Logo - AppleCare

    Hey there, I was about to send my iPad Pro back to Apple yesterday, however the backup process kept repeating to send me the following message: My iPad Pro has 153GB of storage taken. Nevertheless, I kept getting the error message telling me I do not have enough available storage to finish the...
  3. Jerapy

    iPhone PDFs in Files App Freezing

    I am having an issue that apple cannot seem to address for me. Some PDF files that I make are having a hard time loading in the Files app on my iPad Air 2 as well as my iPhone 11. When I open them they cannot scroll freely or will freeze completely. When I am able to copy them to iBooks they...
  4. AbielM16

    All Devices How To Transfer Camera videos above 4.29gb to Ipad using Files App

    So pretty much as end of video shows Importing from Photos app will still fail since it has a 4.29gb limitation. I am on 13.2 beta 3 for my ipad 11. I am directly connected to files app with my sony camera a6400 set to mass storage. In the future if apple fixed the photos import app limitation...
  5. F

    iPhone SMB question

    Hi all, So, I've installed iOS13 and I have a Synology NAS at home which has SMB server in it. On my Mac, I can see the SMB server in a Finder window, however on, the server is not there. On the other hand if I try to connect with the IP address of the server it does connect. Is this...
  6. macduke

    iPad The Files app is still a disaster

    I wrote this on the main news thread, but I’m so late it’s buried and I did enough extensive testing that I figured it was worth a post here. The Files app is still a disaster for external drives. It has a LONG way to go to be ready in time for launch. I would not be surprised at all if...
  7. Nercos85

    iPhone 7(+) iCloud to iCloud drive data...?

    Hey guys! Lately, I'm struggling with migrating my info from my iPhone 4, my current phone (yes, 2010 FTW...), to my 7+, that is my new one. With all the photos and videos I haven't had trouble since I connected the old phone to the PC and downloaded them in a moment. I also have other apps in...
  8. partsofspeech

    Files app improved in iOS 12 beta in any manner?

    The Files app on iOS 11 to me is a half-baked app. I hope it would be amended with the unfinished in the 12. Since I haven’t installed the beta, I was wondering if someone that has could comment on the Files app.
  9. DA23Gam

    Puzzling Files app

    I come from a Windows & android background & am familiarizing myself with ios 11 on an ipod (2017). I'm confused with the Files app since it works in a totally different manner to any kind of file manager I've seen. Now because I'm often out of reach of wifi I'd like to copy photos directly to...
  10. Duckyduckbumps

    Flash drive to back up iPad docs (not just photos)

    I was disappointed to find that the SanDisk iXpand can only copy photos and videos from the iPad. I’m hoping that this isn’t a limitation imposed by Apple. I’m a creative pro and need to back up large Procreate and Affinity Photo docs. Yes, I can back up to the cloud, but upload is slow over...
  11. m0nkeyb0y

    Files: Serious Learning Curve, or, It Just Sucks?

    I'm using Files on an iPhone 7, an iPad mini 2, and an iPad Pro 10.5, which I'm trying to use as a replacement for a 2011 MB Air. I've connected Dropbox, iCloud, and Google. Files lists files/folders just fine, but inexplicably displays the hidden dot files of OSX. (Would love to hide these...
  12. says_stuff

    General Does “Files” app sync in the background reliably?

    I’ve been trying to upload some pdfs i have stored on my ipad to my google drive folder. Unfortunately due to the awful connection i’ve been having here, it’s been some days and i still haven’t finished the sync. I have to leave the ipad unlocked, google drive app on, screen on and i come back...
  13. C

    iOS Files Local location not working

    i have this problem where I cannot save to local drive. “On my iPhone” location is disabled
  14. Jay-Jacob

    Files app passcode problem

    Hi Can’t find any info about this. I have Dropbox, OneDrive and google drive. All have passcode protect. If I try open in iOS 11 files app they all fail and need switch passcode off make it work. So I am wondering it is Dropbox, OneDrive and google drive not allow passcode option work with...
  15. L

    iPhone Files APP - Files Greyed Out

    Firstly I've never had so much trouble with an iOS update as with iOS 11. One more restart and I'm going back to 10.3. OK I have some PDF's on my iCloud drive and some native Apple files, numbers, pages ect. When I open the files app to view and open a file - sometimes, not every time all of...
  16. C

    iOS 11 bugs...

    So I have 2 unique iOS 11 bugs on my iPhone 7. I just wanted to see if anyone else is having these same issues or could offer any suggestions. My first issue is with safari. Basically anytime I “search” using the address bar (google) the results take forever to load on both Verizon LTE or my...
  17. Mansoniak

    New files App won’t let me save on device

    hi, I upgraded my iPHONE SE software to iOS 11, everything seems just fine BUT, in the new files app I am not able to save any file ON THE DEVICE, it will just let me manage files from the iCloud Drive, IS THIS NORMAL or a glitch? Thanks in advance
  18. J

    iOS 11 Files App - Google Drive Taking Over

    So I have a lot of files in iCloud Drive and using with the Files App. I also have Good Drive installed for a few google docs files. Since Google Drive isn’t fully integrated with Files yet, I’ve not been using it with the Files app. But starting yesterday, I noticed that every time I click to...
  19. T

    iOS 11 Files app

    I’m on the latest ios beta on my ipad and I’ve noticed that local storage is no longer present in Locations tab. Is this a bug or Apple intentionally removed it?
  20. R

    What Files App Should Be

    Hey guys and gals, Wanted to get a thread going dedicated to the new Files app — and specifically what could be improved. A short blurb on what I personally think So there are two things here: the service (or “cloud”) and the client app. Let’s talk about the service first. The Service While...