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final cut pro x

  1. A

    How to import/export 4k (Canon 1DX Mark II) to FCPX

    I recently began capturing video with a Canon 1DX Mark II. 4k clips vary between 60 to 120fps. I discovered that FCPX does not recognize 4k files. By this I mean that the largest format option for export is 1920 X 1080. I conducted a quick search and it appears this is a known issue. All of the...
  2. budhardy

    Final Cut Pro x crashed and all files and data missing from timeline

    Final Cut Pro x crashed and all files and data missing from timeline. How do I retrieve my timeline files and arrangement? Thanks!
  3. happy orchard

    Garage Band --> Final Cut Pro X help needed

    Hello, I'm trying to import a mix I created in Garage Band into FCPX, but it's not showing up in the latter. I've tried going to GB>>Share>>Song To Media Browser. However, when I go to FCPX and the GB tab within it, the song is not there. Nothing is there. Instead, there's a line that says "1...
  4. J

    13"MBP vs Pro apps

    My nephew is starting college (He will be a drama/music major) and looking for a laptop. This weekend he's looking to purchase the 2019 13", 1.4 GHz, 256GB SSD with the education discount. He also intends to purchase the Pro apps bundle. How would this computer perform using Final Cut Pro...
  5. S

    tiff to jpg - darker image using fcpx & visual watermark

    Exported a still frame from a 4k video as .tiff in fcpx. Using 'visual watermark' it has exported as jpg but the images look darker.. why is this? How can i rectify it? Workaround - batch export in affinity photo the tiffs and save as jpgs (100%quality)
  6. J

    iMac Pro iMac for video editing

    Hey, my names Jared. I'm really big into video editing and want to upgrade from my current late 2015 MacBook. I edit using premiere (sometimes FCPX, that's why I wanna stay w/ apple). I want to learn more on AE, but my computer always crashes when I try to do anything w/ it. I've been getting...
  7. I

    About to buy a $3k iMac...

    I've been in the market for a new iMac for the past 3 years. I currently have a 2008 24in iMac. I do believe that it's time to upgrade. Since 2008 i've gained a hobby of photography, now i'm starting to dabble in videography. With the photography, I shoot for clients and plan on doing more...
  8. fhturner

    Does RX580 use AMD's UVD to improve 4K H.264 playback on cMP?

    Hey Everyone— I've done a lot of reading about hardware acceleration of encoding and decoding here...chasing joema2 (well, his posts anyway) all over this forum and learning a lot. Since AMD's Unified Video Decoding appears to be in use w/ the Vega 56 and Vega 64 for H.264 playback in the iMac...
  9. Adriancaetera

    Can Macbook Pro replace iMac?

    Has anyone replaced their desktop computer (PC or Mac) with only a laptop? I run recording software (logic pro x), video and photo editing (final cut pro x, photoshop and lightroom). 3 screens, recording interface. monitor speakers. Ive currently got an iMac (2013 i believe, at work so cant...
  10. Hochmann1

    New-to-be user of FCPX with a mighty big question

    Hello! I'm a photographer and will start doing video work now and am wondering if my Mac will work well for editing. I want to use: HD video from Canon cameras 4K video from an iPhone 6s HD, 2.7K and 4K video from the GoPro Hero 6 Black HD video from the DJI Spark Later on, 4K video from...
  11. L

    Final Cut X - Remote Working

    Hi All, Just started working with FCPX. I am planning on having both a computer at work and a computer at home to work on projects. Whats the best way to set things up now so I have a good workflow in place for what could be multiple events. Do I use an external drive and take this home with me...
  12. R

    Final Cut Pro X "Excessive Shake" tag.

    I just find it really funny that if you stabilize a clip in Final Cut Pro X it automatically puts an "Excessive Shake" tag on your entire video. By using the word "Excessive" it seems like they are making fun of how shaky your camera is. I don't know why I find this so funny but I just do! :)
  13. H


    Since 2014 I have been using ProcutX app on my Ipad as an auxillary input to edit video with Final Cut ProX. ProcutX, the slick ipad app, does not work with IOS 11. Anybody know of an update or alternative to use on the ipad and interface with Final Cut Pro X ?
  14. R

    Q: Which GPU? nVidia or AMD in MBP for Video editing

    Hi, I'm using iMac 27" late 2013, i7,1TB Fusion,24GB RAM (4+4 original added 8+8) AND nVidia GTX780M 4GB for all the basic things desktop is usually used for (text editing, web browsing, communicating - mails, messages, some calls... and for my work - video editing (FinalCut, Motion, Davinci...
  15. leontebbens

    ATV with iCloud for homevideo's?

    Please some advice on home video storage and viewing (with Apple TV). My wife and I are currently burning home video's (30 mins, Sony HD cam, Final Cut Pro X) to blu ray's. Our Blu Ray player is broken and Blu Ray burning gets more and more complicated, so we are looking for alternatives. We...
  16. N

    Blurry flickering lines after export Final Cut Pro X 10.3.2

    I am editing video from Canon 7D Mark II in Final Cut Pro X 10.3.2. (attached photo of the blurry lines/flickering lines coming while exported video is playing) Recently, some videos started having blurry/flickering white lines across the image after I export (Share > Master File > .mov)...
  17. V

    4k Gopro 4 to Cineform to Final Cut to Compressor to Cineform

    Hello Friends Question. Im editing 4k gopro 4 black footage first step its to change my compressed footage to gopro cineform format and defish footage with the app gopro studio then i edit those files in final cut pro x then the final edit i send it to compressor and then i want...
  18. U

    FCPX on 2017 Base 27" iMac

    Was wondering if anyone could share their experience with video editing on Final Cut Pro X (FCPX) on their 2017 Base 27" iMac with Radeon Pro 570. Was concerned if there would be any noticeable issues/lag with prolonged/advanced video editing on the base machine in FCPX. I'd imagine that video...
  19. Texasbuster

    Final Cut Pro is eating up all my RAM!

    Im at a loss. I have 24 GB of ram and when I use Final Cut Pro X, it literally uses up all my memory and causes my 2012 Mac Pro to come to a screeching halt. I've closed out all other programs, deleted all the unused render files, deleted backup files and cleaned out the cache. I've done...
  20. Brian Clifford

    Newcomer needs advice

    I am a newbie about to take the leap for the very first time from Windows to Mac with the purchase of a 2nd. Gen. MacBook Pro expected around December 2017. My questions are if I wish to download videos wirelessly from iCloud via the MacBook Pro to a HDTV, or playback videos from the Macbook...