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  1. JoeWal

    Universal Treeceps – Activity & Workouts in an Immersive Virtual World

    Dear MacRumors community, this is a day I've been looking forward to for the last three years: My new app Treeceps is now available on the App Store. I have prepared a video that tells you all about it: You can download Treeceps here on the App Store. Working out - To me has always felt...
  2. lonefoxvn

    Apps idle Gym (by Gosiha)

    Hi there, It's a game encourage people to stay fit with some narrative touches. Have fun gyming! Get it free on appStore:
  3. S

    Apps Optimizing the Watch’s Heart Rate data with Mayo Clinic

    Hey guys, I’m back after a couple of years of developing this app with cardiologists at Mayo. If you want to try it, hit me up and I’ll get you a coupon code. Here’s the pitch: Optimal heart health and mortal longevity are not sustained by Steps Taken. Cardiologists at Mayo Clinic recommend a...
  4. J

    Apps Gymatic vs Gymaholic - Apple Watch 4

    Has anyone used either or both of these apps? Trying to decide which has the best integration with the series 4 watch. Thanks for your input!!
  5. 1

    iPhone Steps Counter - Smart Pedometer

    Dear All, I have created this thread to post about my simple Pedometer app for iPhone and iPads. Please install and give your valued feedback Get Steps Counder Pedometer on AppStore Steps Counter App is a pedometer that is simple yet accurate for calculating the number of steps when you go...
  6. M

    Automatically recognize exercise?

    I switched to the Apple Watch from a Fitbit Blaze. The thing I miss most about my Fitbit is the way it automatically tracked and logged exercise by what I was doing. Walking outside, running on an elliptical, cycling etc are all automatically logged and counted towards your exercise goals. They...
  7. G

    iPhone Fitness Tracker App Free DL Today Only(8/17)

    Try out this new activity tracking app App Store Link Developer Website
  8. JaiyoInc

    iPhone Fitness Sync for Fitbit to Apple Health

    Fitness Sync for Fitbit to Health by Jaiyo
  9. S

    Apps Swing™ Tennis for Apple Watch

    Swing™ Has Arrived! Free for iOS: 2 years in development by computer scientists, statisticians, and tennis enthusiasts from Berkeley, Stanford, and Columbia, Swing™ is a paradigm shift in recreational tennis and a revolution in health and fitness. (Yes, we started...