1. S

    Resolved How to remove alias badge in Catalina 10.15.4

    Good News everyone. I was able to figure out how to remove alias badges and will post how I removed them below. I had original commented in original thread but figured it may get more attention in its own thread and maybe Google will pick it up better. I got this to work on a 2018 15" Macbook...
  2. Akhand Pratap Singh

    MacBook Pro Bend

    Hi All! I have the mid 2012 A1398 Macbook Pro Retina model. the HDMI port has gotten bent towards the outside by accident. I’m planning to fix it by using pliers and bending the other way. Any tips and past experiences with this? Thanks in advance!
  3. Azamato

    I think I have malware.. but nothing seems to help

    Hey guys I got the Macbook Pro 13 from late 2015 and I love it since it's perfect for my studies. Yesterday I was grinding my studies as usual since it's exam period and as I was typing in Word a weird message came up saying mmy computer is running low on memory but it looked really weird and...
  4. BigDak

    My Mac Mini HDMI 4k 60hz FIX (Mac Mini 2018 - Catalina)

    <<< Check My Solution (Apple Forums) >>>
  5. angus999

    How to fix ipad pro 10.5 smart keyboard

    hi guys, I tried to take a video for fixing ipad pro smart keyboard. I wanna share the way to fix it. thankyou!
  6. iQuestionz

    is my logic board dead

    Hello, I had an accident with my MacBook pro-2011 where it slid off the shelf and fell onto the ground. It worked that same day, but now it does not turn on, or show any signs of life. No sounds, No lights. Nothing. The charger shows a dim green light when plugged into the MacBook. I took it...
  7. J


    Saw all web sites and tried many possible fixes, nothing worked, so I thought replacing the battery is the only way, but hey? Internet people are lazy too, so you won't get helps always from them, so there you go, try this and enjoy! Requirements: iOS Device (Mine is 4S, may work for other...
  8. N

    iPhone SE Help with Apple SE - dropped in water, dried out, now turns on...and then off...

    Help with Apple SE - dropped in water, dried out, now turns on...and then off... So I am attempted to recover contacts, images etc from this phone and I don't know how I can accomplish this. Any ideas. It does turn on for a sec and then immediately turns off. Any suggestions for saving the...
  9. M

    "Customer mentioned Consumer Law"

    I recently took my MacBook to be fixed to the Apple Store here in Australia (because of sticky keyboard issues). When the Genius got my data, I noticed a checkmark in the form he was filling in his iPad; it said something like "customer mentioned Consumer Law". Any idea of what exactly is the...
  10. L

    Apple repair not shipped yet?

    Forgive me if this isn't in the right topic or if this site in general isn't the place to discuss this but I just don't know what to do. Perhaps I just want some piece of mind. It's been two days since I went to the genius bar for my macbook pro. At that time, the representative told me they...
  11. seitsme

    Mozilla addons disabled and Studies uninstall

    Hello, One day ago before the latest mozilla update which fixes the disabled addons etc., I followed an article prompting to enable (about:)studies. I did that and addons were back, while waiting for the fix. Now the fix is realeased, but in the about:studies, i still see 4 items that were not...
  12. Hatebreeder94

    MacBook Pro 13" mid 2012, no video from miniDP

    Hi guys, So, the issue is in the thread name. I've tried connecting multiple different cables, tried 4 different adapters, 3 x miniDP -> HDMI and 1 x miniDP -> DVI, different monitors, tried resetting SMC and NVRAM, no luck. MacOS recognizes the monitor and shows it inside Monitor settings...
  13. T

    the MacOS photos screensavers no longer let you skip through there a fix for this?

    Recently I noticed that the MacOS (Mojave) Photos Screensaver no longer lets you skip through photos anymore (forwards or backwards.) Is there a fix for this? I think it happened after update 10.14.2
  14. Ishfaq.rubab

    Mac Pro Diag_LED indications

    I have a dual core early 2009 Mac pro.. I was working just fine till one day it just died over me. After tons of research I figured it was the PSU as the diagnostic LEDs were dead aswell so I gave the PSU to this mechanic I knew and he sort of fixed the issue (I Think) cause after the repair the...
  15. sammgrier

    iPhone X HELP - Screen partly white. HOW TO FIX??

    Hello. My new iphone X fell today and this happened to the screen. Does anyone know what it may be and how to fix it? Thanks in advance
  16. J

    Mid-2011 SATA DRIVE

    Hey guys, I’m resurrecting an old dinosaur as I’m on a budget and the 2011 iMac came with final cut pro 10 all for $400. I got home with it today and encountered online info that the drive inside (Seagate - ST31000528AS) was recalled. I’m thinking it must have had it’s drive revised with apple...
  17. C

    iPhone Random hangs, freeze and various stuff

    Hey everyone! I've been having these issues since iOS 12 Beta 1, and I've read many solutions but they just keep getting worse. Here's a brief list of issues and happenstances: This all happens on an iPhone 7, updated OTA to the first Dev Beta; didn't set it up as a new phone. Randomly and...
  18. S

    Mac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2014) Fusion Drive Partition Problems after Bootcamp removal.

    Hi, Sorry if this kind of problem is repeated elsewhere. I'll start at the top for context: Following a botched installation of Bitdefender, my Bootcamp partition decided it wasn't going to boot any more. When safe mode etc wouldn't play ball I decided to remove the partition with bootcamp...
  19. milygal

    2017 MacBook Pro took a fall

    so my macbook took a fall (about 1 ft) to my hard concrete tile at my house. it has a incase case and there is no physical damage to it. ive been using it for a day and everything works fine. ive had a 2012 pro in the past which i know it could have probably been okay with that fall just cause...
  20. J

    OS X Max Payne 3 Mac OSX / Black Smoke, squares !

    Hey friends, Just installed Max Payne 3 on my Macbook Pro to play this cool game but i just laucnhed it that i saw horrible black squares on my screen during the game. I wanted to know how to fix that, because it's very horrible and troublesome. Here my Mac and his specificities : MacBook Pro...