1. SnarkyBear

    Removing Non-English fonts in Mojave--Disable ability is grayed out.

    With the recent download of MS Office and Libre Office, it seems that I have way more fonts than I need. I tried to disable some of the non-English fonts in the Font Book app, but virtually every font had the "Disable XX Family" grayed out. Is there any way to reduce the number of fonts I am...
  2. J

    iPhone XS Max What font size do you use?

    I am currently using an iPhone XS Max, for the Apple Apps (Mail, Safari) the font size does not seem to affect these applications as much as say Gmail (where the font is very small) when using the smallest font size. What font size do you use on your iPhone?
  3. L

    Blurry Font on External Monitor 3440x1440 (2K): Asus PG348Q

    Hey all, just picked up a 2018 15" MacBook Pro (base configuration) and set it up with my existing 34" UltraWide 3440x1440 Asus PG348Q monitor. Mojave 10.14.3 Problem is font is blurry and I'm going nuts spending a lot of time troubleshooting this... Appreciate any ideas and here is what...
  4. Z

    fontawesome how does it work?

    Is anyone familiar with and the way it works?
  5. M

    Viber font text issue

    Hi guys, Today, I started to get some strange font issues just in Viber. Not sure if its font related, Anyone had problems with this before?
  6. G

    Weird Safari behaviour!

    Hi, Today safari (v11.1) on Mac HighSierra 10.13.4, started to behave like crazy. For some reasons, this is the resolution I get every time I open the browser. It looks a kind of mobile resolution. I restarted, erased the history, changed from view --> font in, font out, but nothing happens. I...
  7. T

    How to Setup different message fonts according to email accounts in Apple Mail?

    Hello, I am running MacOs Sierra and have multiple email accounts, both personal and professional. I am trying to select a specific message font for each email account. For example, email account #1 would be written using Courier as a font typeface and email account #2 would use Tahoma. I am...
  8. typany keyboard

    iPhone Bold, Italics, and other Cool Fonts are supported on Typany NOW!

    Greet from China! We’re Typany Keyboard powered by Sogou. BOLD, ITALIC and other ℂ ℕ are supported on Typany NOW! No matter what social media platform you use, your words will stand out with just one click. Download from the app store: Typany Keyboard
  9. Princess Cake

    Hiding Filenames/Smaller Text?

    I'm using a digital shelf setup for my movie collection and some films have long names that get truncated leaving ugly "..." filenames all over. Does anyone know if theres a way to make the filenames hidden or make the text size smaller than 10?
  10. EdUniverse

    Problem with Bold Text still...

    For some reason turning on Bold Text cuts the last word or two off of all the messages in iMessage. With most of the sizes, I just have to restart the app and it fixes, however even restarting the phone won’t fix it when on the smallest font size, which sucks, cause that’s what I want to use...
  11. wai.eddygoh

    Seeking help w MacOS System Font Issue

    Is anyone experiencing a similar problem? After a recent OS update, my system font changed to this unknown font (which I did not install), and this resulted in some unreadable characters on the system displays(such as the pop-up notifications and iCal icon display). Actions attempted: - I...
  12. yjsiu

    Please help! My Font not work?

    This font works on w3schools website, but not on my webpage. 1.Use font-face declaration Fonts. @font-face {font-family: "Avenir Next LT W01 Ultra Light"; src: url("ffd0dcc47a9002be89cc7f900d4e144f.eot"); /* IE9*/ src: url("ffd0dcc47a9002be89cc7f900d4e144f.eot?#iefix")...
  13. bijutoha

    Font Identification

    Hello, I'm looking for the font used in the Watch that I've included below. Can you please help me?
  14. ivantwilliams

    Font size

    I increased the font size on my iPhone 7 Plus (settings \ display & brightness). Yet, it still seems not all apps, even default (Mail) is using the new font size. As an example, if I take a photo, and then share it from the photo app to Instagram, the text it rather small. How can I correct...
  15. S

    unicode 9 emoji on mavericks

    Hi! I'm very sorry for this question but I can't find any source to install the new pack of emoji unicode 9.0.0 as you can find here Yes, I know, I can upgrade to El Cap but there's no a simple version to have these emoji than install an entire OSX? Thank you...
  16. B

    I made some letters! How do I make a typeface?

    I made my first typeface in Adobe Illustrator! Here's what some of the 70+ characters I made look like: These characters are all vector-based images that were left over from a logo design I did (I got carried away!) and I wanted to put the typeface in my portfolio. However, while I have...
  17. RedFlyer

    Weird font glitch after update to 10.10.5

    After updating from 10.10.3 to 10.10.5 this started happening The update wasn't very smooth, had to boot into safe mode to get the restart and install to work. anyone have any thoughts? It's like a font is missing. thanks!
  18. E

    Newly added font not showing up

    Hello, I have recently installed the font 'Home sweet home' ( and it does not show up in any program I try (tested in photoshop and open office). I have validated the font and made sure it is active. I have even tried converting the font to another...
  19. C

    Apps Netflix Subtitles Styling

    Is it possible to change the styling (color, size, font etc) of subtitles in Netflix app on Apple TV 4? The style I created for closed captioning in Accessibility doesn't seem to work.