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fusion drive

  1. S

    Fusion Drive High Sierra to Mojave Slow-w-w-w now

    Hi, I upgraded my iMac from High Sierra (HFS+) to Mojave (APFS). Now it’s so slow it’s unusable. Right now, I’ve booted from an external drive with High Sierra. Anyone comment on where to go from here? My specs: Fusion drive iMac "Core i7" 3.5 27" (Late 2013) Identifier 14,2. Thanks...
  2. T

    Dead iMac Late 2015 Need Access to Fusion Hard Drive

    Hi, I had an iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2015) that died (power source and logic board) I asked the Apple Store to remove the two fusion drive components (hard drive and flash storage (SSD)) and recycle the rest. I purchased a SATA to USB adapter cable with power that connected to my laptop...
  3. Chuckeee

    iM 4,1-14,4 Fusion Drive 👍🏼 or 👎🏻

    The Question: There seems to be lots topics concerning Fusion Drive problems in older iMac. In general was the Fusion Drive a good idea? Was it a reasonable compromise while SSD were initially becoming available? Or was it a faulty compromise from the start? My Opinion: 👎🏼 I was always thought...
  4. LordSpunky

    iMac Late 2015 Fusion HDD/SSD Failure?

    Spec - iMac Retina 5K 27-inch, Late 2015, 3.2 Quad i5. Running a Fusion Drive - 2TB HDD, 120GB SSD? I've been running Catalina - 10.15 as it seems more reliable with my "old" iMac. I woke up to the iMac loosing the OS, nothing but a Windows 10 Recovery window (I had duel booted previously and...
  5. M

    Fusion drive HD portion upgrade question

    Good evening I want to upgrade my imac 21.5 2015 drive to ssd. There's 1tb fusion drive (24gb soldiered in ssd + 1tb HDD) now and I wonder if I need to remount fusion drive after swapping it's hdd part? I would like to keep using its pcie ssd Theres no data I want save.
  6. T

    List your SSD writes in Fusion drives here!

    I recently researched why my old macmini's Fusion drive broke. From SSD's (used it in 2017-2019) SMART: 9 Power_On_Hours 0x0032 100 100 --- Old_age Always - 9872 233 Total_NAND_Writes_GiB 0x0032 100 100 --- Old_age Always - 111692 234...
  7. T

    Repairing a Fusion drive, which fsck_cs/hfs switches?

    I noticed that I haven't printed all of my old Messages to pdf's. Turned on my old mini2012, which has been in a box for 2 years. Didn't boot up, didn't see the ssd side of the fusion drive. Macos in that fusion drive was 10.12.6. I took ssd+hdd out from my mini2012. Plugged them to my...
  8. T

    Experiences on DIY Fusion Drive with APFS?

    I will try this very soon. I'd like to hear, if anybody else has tried, what are the details and caveats? And how well it has worked for you? Any statistical speed info? Does Monterey and Ventura have same version of diskutil? How to check?
  9. T

    Fooling a mac to believe that external disk is internal?

    I have a 2018mini with 256GB of internal storage. I'd like to use that to make a 2-4 TB fusion drive with external hdd. Is it possible? Background: I took a internal DIY fusion drive out from my 2012mini to inspection and the fusion drive does mount as both drives external. But it disappears...
  10. dstreb

    Reinstalling MacOS from a wiped fusion drive Mac

    Our Library has a fusion drive Mac that dates to 2018. I upgraded to Ventura, then found a critical application won't run on it, so I have to roll it back to Monterrey. I tried to back it up with Time Machine, but it wouldn't recognize my NAS network drive, my 1TB USB drive, or a 32GB USB flash...
  11. R

    If I buy (2nd hand) a 2019 iMac with a "Fusion Drive", can I replace the Spinning Hard drive with an SSD ?

    There are a couple of videos online with people doing this, but will it cause any issues with the way the onboard flash recognises or communicates with the new SSD? Does the SSD have to be a similar size as the HD that it replaces? * An iMac from2019 is my budget maximum. But I have read so...
  12. Alvin777

    How Do I Erase & Mount This Synthesized Drive?

    Hello, I have a Fusion Drive and run macOS Monterey. When I did a surface test on Windows BootCamp which was a mistake, I lost the SSD part of the Fusion Drive and I fresh installed macOS, I'm only running macOS on the Fusion Drive's 2TB hardisk. This was almost a year ago. I'm still trying to...
  13. D

    NO POWER after replacing Fusion Drive & CPU on 19,1 iMac

    Hi, I’ve just followed along with this video, using OWC’s kit, to replace my Fusion drive (small, old NVMe SSD + 2TB HDD), with a 2TB OWC NVMe, and a SATA SSD. I also upgraded the Core i5 CPU to a 9900K Core i9, as per various threads here, and videos on YouTube. I had no issues with the...
  14. S

    Kernel panic on Fusion Drive, HDD is broken

    My very trusty late 2015 27” iMac, with a 3 TB Fusion drive, didn’t boot all of a sudden on Thursday morning. No warnings, it was fine as usual up until the night before on Wednesday, then the next morning, it boots to the “prohibited” circle. I’m not really upset for the drive failing, after...
  15. S

    Late 2015 iMac doesn't boot and Disk Util shows Fusion HDD as "uninitialized"

    Well, today is a horrible day. My trusty iMac, which never gave me a problem since I bought it in 2016 (late 2015 model) booted up to the circle with the line across. I booted into recovery, launched disk utility, and I couldn't believe what I was seeing because it didn't make any sense. This...
  16. T

    Fusion Drive

    I have a late 2019 iMac and I am currently running Monterey. I replaced the original 3TB Fusion Drive with a 2TB SSD Drive which is running fine. The original 128GB SSD was fused with the new SSD to create one 2.12TB Fusion Drive. I have now received a warning in DriveDX and iStat menu that the...
  17. PowerPCFan

    Storage Problem with 21.5 in. iMac and 2TB iCloud Storage

    Hi. I was looking on my iMac under About This Mac>Storage tab and it said this: I took this screenshot under a different login, because I did have one login, then I created a second profile for an "experiment." When I made my MacRumors account, I always do mixed up letters and numbers for my...
  18. N

    2013 iMac with a dead fusion drive.

    I am looking to get my mother a used 2013 iMac for Christmas to start her digital design business, but it has a dead fusion drive. I repair computers and have no problems with replacing parts, but one thing giving me pause is the fusion drive the computer originally came with. Am I able to...
  19. Mariosknl

    Replacing fusion drive iMac 2019

    probably this has been answered before but I can’t find it. I have an iMac 27’ 2019 with 1TB fusion drive. The last few months it has become pretty slow. I need to replace the drive with a SSD and I found Samsung 980 NVMe PCIe 4.0. Will I have a compatibility problem if I buy and install it...
  20. M

    Speeding up my 16TB HDD with Fusion Drive

    Hello everyone, I'm a media composer. I am using BigSur, my system is installed on 2TB m2 SSD. I want to speed up my 16 TB Exos Seagate sound library archive with another 1 TB m2 SSD via FusionDrive. So I will not install an operating system. Since "cs storage" is not working in BigSur...