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fusion drive

  1. R

    If I buy (2nd hand) a 2019 iMac with a "Fusion Drive", can I replace the Spinning Hard drive with an SSD ?

    There are a couple of videos online with people doing this, but will it cause any issues with the way the onboard flash recognises or communicates with the new SSD? Does the SSD have to be a similar size as the HD that it replaces? * An iMac from2019 is my budget maximum. But I have read so...
  2. Alvin777

    How Do I Erase & Mount This Synthesized Drive?

    Hello, I have a Fusion Drive and run macOS Monterey. When I did a surface test on Windows BootCamp which was a mistake, I lost the SSD part of the Fusion Drive and I fresh installed macOS, I'm only running macOS on the Fusion Drive's 2TB hardisk. This was almost a year ago. I'm still trying to...
  3. D

    NO POWER after replacing Fusion Drive & CPU on 19,1 iMac

    Hi, I’ve just followed along with this video, using OWC’s kit, to replace my Fusion drive (small, old NVMe SSD + 2TB HDD), with a 2TB OWC NVMe, and a SATA SSD. I also upgraded the Core i5 CPU to a 9900K Core i9, as per various threads here, and videos on YouTube. I had no issues with the...
  4. S

    Kernel panic on Fusion Drive, HDD is broken

    My very trusty late 2015 27” iMac, with a 3 TB Fusion drive, didn’t boot all of a sudden on Thursday morning. No warnings, it was fine as usual up until the night before on Wednesday, then the next morning, it boots to the “prohibited” circle. I’m not really upset for the drive failing, after...
  5. S

    Late 2015 iMac doesn't boot and Disk Util shows Fusion HDD as "uninitialized"

    Well, today is a horrible day. My trusty iMac, which never gave me a problem since I bought it in 2016 (late 2015 model) booted up to the circle with the line across. I booted into recovery, launched disk utility, and I couldn't believe what I was seeing because it didn't make any sense. This...
  6. T

    Fusion Drive

    I have a late 2019 iMac and I am currently running Monterey. I replaced the original 3TB Fusion Drive with a 2TB SSD Drive which is running fine. The original 128GB SSD was fused with the new SSD to create one 2.12TB Fusion Drive. I have now received a warning in DriveDX and iStat menu that the...
  7. PowerPCFan

    Storage Problem with 21.5 in. iMac and 2TB iCloud Storage

    Hi. I was looking on my iMac under About This Mac>Storage tab and it said this: I took this screenshot under a different login, because I did have one login, then I created a second profile for an "experiment." When I made my MacRumors account, I always do mixed up letters and numbers for my...
  8. N

    2013 iMac with a dead fusion drive.

    I am looking to get my mother a used 2013 iMac for Christmas to start her digital design business, but it has a dead fusion drive. I repair computers and have no problems with replacing parts, but one thing giving me pause is the fusion drive the computer originally came with. Am I able to...
  9. Mariosknl

    Replacing fusion drive iMac 2019

    probably this has been answered before but I can’t find it. I have an iMac 27’ 2019 with 1TB fusion drive. The last few months it has become pretty slow. I need to replace the drive with a SSD and I found Samsung 980 NVMe PCIe 4.0. Will I have a compatibility problem if I buy and install it...
  10. M

    Speeding up my 16TB HDD with Fusion Drive

    Hello everyone, I'm a media composer. I am using BigSur, my system is installed on 2TB m2 SSD. I want to speed up my 16 TB Exos Seagate sound library archive with another 1 TB m2 SSD via FusionDrive. So I will not install an operating system. Since "cs storage" is not working in BigSur...
  11. RenaldoG

    Replace 2019 iMac 1TB Fusion with Internal or External SSD?

    Hi everyone, I have a 2019 5K iMac that just went out of warranty and the 1TB Fusion Drive has been very underwhelming. I bought the Samsung 870 QVO 1TB SSD and simply want to know if there will be a difference in whether I run it internally or externally. I know that there are faster options...
  12. CCBinDFW

    Mac late 2012 Missing Fusion Drive

    I have read past posts on this but want to include my specs and issue to ensure I am doing what I can to properly address since this is a custom that I’d love to keep going as long as possible. Here is what I have originally. Here is what I see when I run diskutil list.
  13. P

    Updating Sierra to BigS queries.

    Hi, I have iMac 2017 27inch with a 2TB Fusion drive which I use for my professional video editing work. It's been on Sierra 10.12.6 for a really long time but I can see the software support dropping these days and I am forced to update to the new OS. I am planning to update to BigS soon and had...
  14. P

    Worth transferring OS into SSD?

    I've seen variations of this question a few times on the forum and was wondering what the latest options for me are. I have a 27" mid 2017 iMac with a 1TB fusion drive used for YouTube, word processing, Powerpoint, Outlook, Spotify, moderate to heavy web browsing (e.g. 15-20 tabs), discord...
  15. L

    Custom Disk Utility configuration for Fusion Drive and APFS

    All, If any of you have tried installing Catalina on an older iMac with Fusion Drive you will understand that the system becomes so slow (APFS is designed for SSD and doesn't play well with Fusion Drive) it is unusable. I'm asking your collective knowledge and experience to tell me if the...
  16. S

    Can’t split iMac fusion drive

    iMac 2017 27” catalina I am trying to split my fusion drive so I can upgrade my HDD with a 2tb Samsung sata ssd. I have run into nothing but problems trying to split the drive. I tried all the different commands, and guides I found onlinebut nothing has worked.
  17. Lowe Lilliehorn


    Hello everyone, Sorry for the big caps, but I really need some advice regarding iMac. You see, I am currently working on a MacBook Pro 2015 without dedicated graphics in Final Cut Pro and I'm editing large 4k files with 60fps. Doesn't not cooperate good at all. First second or two is working...
  18. J

    May I upgrade to Mojave with a custom Fusion Drive in a mid 2012 Macbook Pro?

    I've got a mid 2012 Macbook Pro with a custom Fusion Drive working in Sierra. I was told not to upgrade to High Sierra because it wasn't supported. But I've also recently read that Mojave does support Fusion Drive. But my question is that if it supports custom Fusion Drive (not made by Apple)...
  19. Tonelli

    Help Picking between 2 iMacs 2013 !

    hey ! Looking for advice I'm between two iMacs 2013 Late 2013 iMac 27' 24gb ram , 1tb hdd , 3.5ghz i7 800$ Canadian or 602$ US OR Late 2013 iMac 21.5 , 1.12 tab fusion drive, 8gb ram 3.1 ghz i7 850$ Canadian or 640$ US Advice on selection and price would be very helpful !
  20. R

    Is it better to run MacOS off the provided Fusion Drive or off an external SSD?

    I just got a new 5k iMac. For specific reasons (living in a third world country and restricted time as i was on vacations) I had to get the 27 inch 5k base model. I did a 32 gb ram upgrade and bought an external ssd. Im currently running Mojave off the ssd with no problems, everything is pretty...