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  1. B

    Mac How to customize Xcode support of compilers?

    I have a rather non-standard set up to build for PowerPC: 10.6 PPC (10A190) with Xcode 3.2 and 10.6.8 with Xcode 3.2, Xcode 3.2.6 and Xcode 4.2. There are two problems: 1. I have gcc10 and gcc11 built for PowerPC, however I don't know how to make Xcode see them. Same goes for Macports gcc6 and...
  2. B

    gcc11 on 10.5.8 PPC (it works!)

    Mission [mostly] accomplished, we got a working gcc11 compiler on a PowerPC: Anyone who may want to make it build: 1. First build and install this branch of gcc10 using Apple native gcc42: 2. Using newly built gcc10, build gcc11...
  3. B

    gcc8 building 20 hrs and no end: at what point to give up?

    I am trying to build gcc8 via Macports on G5 Quad running 10.6 PPC. I have built gcc7 earlier (thanks to helpful suggestions of kencu here), and it took about 7 to 9 hrs from what I recall. But now I am at 20,5 hrs with no end seen. Wonder if the compilation is hopelessly stuck or I should wait...
  4. B S Magnet

    Resolved Darwin10/Snow Leopard on PowerPC (ppc7450/G4) — how to get irssi working… via ports, from source, or mix of both [solved]

    For a lot of us, many POSIX-related utilities, tools, and libraries are handled routinely by Macports, so I haven’t seen this kind of question come up on the PPC forum. This question involves building from source code without using a ports handler like macports or homebrew. How come? Because...
  5. Aerogel91

    Mac Compiling Programs For macOS Unix from Linux

    First off, hello everyone. :) I'm too poor to own a Mac, but I'm still interested in porting cool Programs for all of you Macheads to enjoy (I mean that in a positive way). :) As my Profile states, I Program in many Languages, but I'm just starting on Swift. Is Swift the only way to...