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  1. 0

    Gmail Starred Email Not Syncing with MacOS and iOS Mail Flags

    Hi All, Over the last couple of iOS and MacOS versions I've noticed that emails that I unflag in my Gmail (personal and Business) accounts aren't syncing correctly across experiences. I've noticed it's the worst in iOS where I've unflagged dozens of emails through Mail on my MBP or through...
  2. penrua

    Resolved Calendar - invites not going to Google accounts (issue beyond iPhone - impacting Mac & web iCloud)

    I've run in to an issue when I create new calendar events in my Calendar (iCal) and invite Gmail based accounts. When I set the event, the Gmail based account will not receive any sort of invite and it does not appear on the Gmail calendar. I've tested this out in various ways including...
  3. Sir1Pocket

    iPad Can’t connect to Gmail from Mail app

    I am trying to use the Mail app to setup and connect to my Gmail account, but Safari says too many levels of indirection. Don’t understand what I’m doing wrong. Why is Safari even involved because my default browser is Chrome? Any help appreciated.
  4. Buadhai

    Apple ID Gmail As Apple ID - Refused by Apple

    I live in Thailand. I use my .Mac email address as my Apple ID which is linked to the US app stores for all my devices Many years ago I set up a different Apple ID using my Gmail address. That Apple ID is (was) associated with the Thai stores so that I could install apps (mostly released by the...
  5. outcoldman

    OpenIn - Version 2 - Big update is here! - Advanced Link Handler

    If you have never heard about OpenIn, the best way to describe it, it is a macOS application that helps you to get control over all installed applications on your mac. You can open all the links (URL, Mail) or files through OpenIn, which will give you a way to choose the proper application for...
  6. M

    Mac: How to fix mailto links so they open in Gmail?

    How do I make mailto links open in Gmail? It always brings up Apple's Mail app, and I do NOT want to use it or to set it up. Help! \(°Ω°)/
  7. F

    Export mail to *doc/rtf/pdf with attachments into separate folders

    I have a mailbox (gmail) with 15gb of mail (10gb attachments). Is it possible to: Export mails into doc/rtf Put every letter in a separate folder Put the name of the sender in the filename (with date optionally) Put attachment of the letter in the same folder I tried the Mail app and it...
  8. gbf

    locked out of gmail

    anyone else ever get this? all I was doing tonight was sitting at my iMac and downloading pictures I had saved in gmail from 6 years ago... I was using safari and then after like 30 pictures I got this screen... can't get any help from google...
  9. I

    iPhone 12 Gmail app says "No connection." Help New to iPhone

    I've had my iPhone 12 for 3 weeks and a day, and for the past week or so the Gmail app says "no connection" and no mail comes through. I have tried restarting my phone and that worked once, most time that doesn't. My data does work in the browser and other apps so I am connected. Anyone have...
  10. M

    Removing Mail

    I have 7GB of hard drive space taken up with the contents of Mail when I never use the app. I operate my Gmail account through Firefox. Can I either delete the app safely or remove the contents of my Gmail imap without affecting my web Gmail account or my Calendar linked to it. Many thanks.
  11. gbf

    Gmail ?

    Anyone else having problems getting emails on their phone with their gmail account? I just sent myself something and it’s not coming thru. Says it was sent and I see it in the sent mailbox but I am not getting it in my inbox or spam.
  12. M

    Running native mail/cal apps vs. open tabs (CPU/RAM efficiency)

    Is there any way to determine what would be the most CPU/RAM efficient way to run mail and calendar on an old mac? (C2D edu iMac from mid-2009 with SSD and 8gigs of RAM) I need to run Google's calendar and mail. Running macOS Catalina. Option 1: Pin two tabs in Chrome Option 2: same, pin two...
  13. H

    iOS 14 default mail and browser still revert to Apple after app updates...

    I know the reboot issue was fixed, but this is arguably even worse. Are there any plans to fix this? Is it something that even can be fixed, and would it be Apple or the devs that had the power to do so? Basically defeats the purpose of having defaults if you have to remember to set them after...
  14. Q

    Does Kiwi for Gmail use less resources than gmail in Chrome/Safari?

    I've been using gmail inside Chrome and Safari for years, but want a less resource intensive app. I don't like Outlook, Apple Mail, etc as they don't have the same page layout as gmail in my browser (which I've become custom too and like) Can anyone tell me if the Kiwi for Gmail app for Mac...
  15. GuillaumeB

    UI hacks : Gmail => Mail

    Hello, It looks like I'm the only person who actually uses and cares about iCloud Web services. I think they're quite snappy and look very clean. My only problem really is that I cannot send email with my own domain from mail. Also they have not really improved in nearly 10 years...
  16. njhaveri

    Mimestream, a native Gmail client for macOS – now in free public beta

    Hi everyone 👋 I'm Neil, the developer of Mimestream, a lightweight native Gmail client for macOS. Mimestream is now in public beta, and looking for more beta testers! If you're interested, visit, enter your email address to request access, and you'll instantly get a...
  17. M

    AddressBookSourceSync preventing MacBook Pro from sleeping

    MBP 2016, MacOS 10.15.4 AddressBookSourceSync is preventing the Mac from sleeping when contacts sync is enabled with a Gmail Account. The issues seems to go away when sync with Gmail contacts is disabled. Also there seems to be no problem when syncing with iCloud contacts. I would still prefer...
  18. I

    How to save time working with 70gb IMAP email data on local email client?

    I have accumulated 190,000 emails (70gb) over the decades in my gmail account. Besides using gmail on the web, I also use a local mail client (Apple Mail) on my Mac to view/manage my emails. The obvious reason is that when I am writing an intense email that requires looking up data from other...
  19. P

    iPhone Gmail notifications in ios mail app

    Hi, I'm using a gmail account in ios mail app, but even though i activated push notifications for that email accounti in app settings, i can't see them. The strange thing is that i use an other exchange email accout with mail app and in this case, notifications are perfectly working. Can you...
  20. Eagle 20

    PDF's too large to email, Please help ASAP!

    I have two PDF's I have to email to my Department of Attorney General (DAG), like yesterday! But I only have gmail and one of the PDF's is too large to even send by itself. So I am seriously in panic mode and need help fast :( One PDF is a four page letter, that when I right click and 'Get...