1. M

    AddressBookSourceSync preventing MacBook Pro from sleeping

    MBP 2016, MacOS 10.15.4 AddressBookSourceSync is preventing the Mac from sleeping when contacts sync is enabled with a Gmail Account. The issues seems to go away when sync with Gmail contacts is disabled. Also there seems to be no problem when syncing with iCloud contacts. I would still prefer...
  2. I

    How to save time working with 70gb IMAP email data on local email client?

    I have accumulated 190,000 emails (70gb) over the decades in my gmail account. Besides using gmail on the web, I also use a local mail client (Apple Mail) on my Mac to view/manage my emails. The obvious reason is that when I am writing an intense email that requires looking up data from other...
  3. P

    iPhone Gmail notifications in ios mail app

    Hi, I'm using a gmail account in ios mail app, but even though i activated push notifications for that email accounti in app settings, i can't see them. The strange thing is that i use an other exchange email accout with mail app and in this case, notifications are perfectly working. Can you...
  4. Eagle 20

    PDF's too large to email, Please help ASAP!

    I have two PDF's I have to email to my Department of Attorney General (DAG), like yesterday! But I only have gmail and one of the PDF's is too large to even send by itself. So I am seriously in panic mode and need help fast :( One PDF is a four page letter, that when I right click and 'Get...
  5. M

    iPhone 6(S)(+) Gmail silent notifications

    Hello, I am did turn off sounds from gmail notifications in: SETTINGS - GMAIL - NOTIFICATIONS In this case when i get new mail, i have silent notification (without sound) in notifications panel, what is good. But when i get new mail iphone alway turn on display and show notification. Is...
  6. wpshala

    iPhone I need to send from a domain email address within Gmail app on iOS

    I need to send from a domain email address within Gmail app on iOS, and also set this as the default address. This is easy to set up on desktop. I'm using Why do these settings for various domain email ( addresses not just appear on iOS app once set up on desktop...
  7. B

    iPad Multitasking support: why do developers get to decide?

    I'd like to know why Apple leaves it up to developers to decide if they want to support multitasking. eg. Why does Google get to decide that Gmail app doesn't support it? This is 2019.
  8. J

    Emails from 2016 to Present Disappeared?

    Hey everyone - Apologies if this has been discussed. A family member asked me for help, as her emails from 2016 to present suddenly disappeared in the Mail app Inbox on her iPhone 6s as well has her old iPad Air. The emails (from Gmail) are still visible in the Gmail app as well as on her iMac...
  9. K

    GMail contacts stopped syncing with Mac Contacts

    A few days ago my GMail contacts stopped syncing with Mac OS Contacts app. All my contact groups disappeared. Now there is an error message appearing on the Mac Contacts app, see attached picture. Syncing has stopped. I have not changed my Gmail password, nor updated my Mac OS. I normally...
  10. V

    gmail and native calendar app.

    Hello, When i add a a google account to my iOS device, the calendar invitations/notification won't show up in the native iOS calendar app in the inbox. So i can't accept or decline the meeting. I do see however a mail in the native mail app where i can accept the invitation, but this is super...
  11. HappyDude20

    How to Stop Daily Recurring SPAM Email Specifically in APPLE MAIL?

    I didn’t think this was a specific iOS or MacOS question and figured I cannot be the only individual within the MacRumors community from experiencing this so here goes: Gmail has never giving me problems and in the past 12 years have yet to see a spam email creep into my inbox. Apple Mail...
  12. K

    Mojave Mail 'forgetting' server settings

    Hi everyone, I upgraded from Yosemite to Mojave 10.14.3 two days ago, and it took a long time to get Mail 12.2 working. I'm on a mid-2015 MacBook Pro, and was setting up a POP Gmail account. I'm not on the cloud and prefer to manage my mail locally using Mac's Mail app. (I'm repeating my...
  13. fpotter

    Open In Webmail — Make email / mailto: links open in Gmail, Yahoo, etc. in macOS.

    Developer here. I just shipped this app that makes email links open into your Gmail, Yahoo, etc. instead of Apple Mail. I made this because the old "mailto" extension for Safari stopped working with Safari 12 / Mojave. (Apple blocked legacy extensions.). Works system-wide for Safari, Chrome...
  14. Appleuser201

    Google Hangouts, Instant messaging on a PPC mac?

    Hi, I am new to the forums and am thinking of buying an eMac G4 1.25ghz (with tiger installed) and an iMac G3 400mhz also with tiger installed from the same craigslist seller, $50 for both. Would I be able to use Google hangouts and gmail on them (using the TenFourFox browser)? Would messages...
  15. JSTKVC

    iPhone Unable to add Gmail Accounts on iOS 12.X

    We recently upgraded to iPhone X and noticed that one of our Gmail accounts was not downloading email. This email account is shared between two iPhones. We tried re-entering the password but it would become unresponsive so we tried removing the account and adding it back, but this time it won't...
  16. R

    Getting double emails from my secondary gmail address that I forward to my primary. Help please

    So I have a secondary gmail address that forwards to my primary address. To be totally honest I'm not sure how my forwarding is setup - at some point I was having a ton of trouble getting forwarding to work correctly (no delays, no missing emails, etc.) so I'm not sure what to change to make it...
  17. symoneous

    Apple mail discarding original message when replying

    Hi everyone, I frequently run into an issue where I hit reply to an email in mail on MacOS and it only retains the header in the inline message - but none of the body. The only way I can fix it is: A) hit reply 5-10 times and suddenly the whole message is there or b) start the reply on my iOS...
  18. zachlegomaniac

    Resolved Deleted Email Still Taking Storage Space

    Hi, I just deleted thousands of emails equaling almost 20 GB of space on my SSD (2013 rMBP on High Sierra), but when I click on "About This Mac" and "Storage" it still shows almost all of the storage being used on my rMBP. Could anyone help? Thank you! ZLM
  19. L

    Why does Safari "forgets" GMail passwords?

    Hi, recently Safari started to act differently and to bounce me out from my GMail, so I need to login after reboot or long sleep etc. Any idea why is this happening and how to solve it -- to make Safari "remember" I'm logged in? Many thanks Lexy
  20. M

    Mac Mail search behaving oddly

    Hi all, Long time lurker first time poster! I have a guy in my work who is seeing strange behaviour whilst searching for mail using the Apple Mail client. He has gmail configured and all his mail appear as is. When he searches for email and types the users first name e.g. 'john'. It will...