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gtx 1080

  1. B

    GeForce GTX 1080 Poor Performance in Mac Pro 5,1

    Just finished installing an MSI GTX 1080 in my brother's mid-2010 Mac Pro. On 10.13.6, have latest web driver and CUDA, but Premier Pro CC is now running SLOWER than it did with his original 5870. I've selected CUDA for GPU acceleration in Premier settings, and Web Driver is selected in nvidia...
  2. Alchemist

    cMP 5,1 with PC GPU - Upgrade to 10.13?

    Hi All, Perhaps I can borrow your collective genius. Last year I took the plunge and bought a Mac Pro 5,1 and separately purchased a non-flashed (PC version) GTX 1080. After some jiggery-pokery I got everything running just fine on Sierra 10.12.6. All has worked basically pretty well since...
  3. aaronhead14

    Color Shift in Google Chrome w/ GTX 1080

    Hey friends, I have found that only a handful of people have this issue (or maybe many people have the issue and simply don't notice it). I have also never found a proper solution. So I'm wondering if you guys are running into the same problem. (And if so, if anyone has figured out a solution)...
  4. aaronhead14

    NVIDIA Pascal in 2018 Mac Pro

    Now that Apple has officially announced that there will be a modular, upgradeable Mac Pro next year, NVIDIA now has incentive to make Mac drivers for Pascal cards! Even if Apple opts out of working with NVIDIA, users will now be able to upgrade their cards manually. So hopefully NVIDIA takes...
  5. aaronhead14

    NVIDIA employees, please just...

    NVIDIA employees, please just leak the Pascal driver that we know you have a beta of... PLEASE! We GTX 1080 users all want to use it in macOS. k thx.