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  1. T

    Are the AirTag Hermès Luggage Tags still being sold, or was there a manufacturer's defect a while ago?

    I'm shopping for my father's upcoming retirement gift. He's a pilot and I'd love to get him the AirTag Hermès Luggage Tag (in any of the 3 colors). Here's the AirTag Hermès Luggage Tag Link on Apple Online Store. I've been checking consistently for the past few weeks and all 3 colors—Gold...
  2. Alexander_im

    It was a VERY expensive shower…

    Oh well… I guess I need your advice here. I accidentally put my AW 6 SS to the crash test. It failed, understandably. Someone in other thread called Series 6 Space Black “unassuming” — in a sense that it blends in with everything. He was right: it blended with the black fabrics of my outfits...
  3. Y

    Apple Watch Hermes 41mm Included Sport Band Size?

    My S7 Apple Watch Hermes Edition 41mm came with a included S/M orange sports band (the "whats in the box" section does say this). I was wondering if this is the standard norm (41mm = S/M, 45mm = M/L). I just placed a replacement parts order with Apple to get the Black Hermes Sports Band and I...
  4. L

    No More Hermes Apple Watch?

    I'm traveling at the moment and was planning on picking up a particular Hermes band in Singapore. When I went to add to cart, it said unavailable. Looking through the menu, Apple watch is no longer there, and searching for the word Apple turns up nothing. Same thing for the Hermes Canada...
  5. FTyler

    Hermès Apple Watch Face Color

    Hello - have any Hermès Apple Watch owners ever used an app to sample the actual RGB and/or HEX color of the orange face numerals? Online, photos show the color to be anywhere from bright tangerine to a pale pinkish-orange. I've heard that the Hermès orange color used for the face numerals is...
  6. L

    Apple Leather Bands - Longevity and Patina?

    Hey guys! I'm thinking about getting an AW again. Leaning towards Hermes bands, but since the ones I likee most don't seem to be available right now, I'm wondering if you guys could share your experience with the Apple leather bands. How do they hold up over time, and how do they patina...
  7. Novanappa

    I Got a Fake Hermès Band & a Real One.

    I was cheap and bought a fake Hermès Noir/Bleu Saphir band on Amazon. Their leather is exceptional but I didn't think they could bring the same quality to something like a nylon band. Got the fake and liked it. Wore it around for a week but then got curious and picked up the real thing...
  8. V

    Hermes Patina Thread

    Hello everyone. Thought it would be nice for hermes owners to post pictures about the patinas on their bands to make easier buying decisions for new customers! Cheers!
  9. thelonelylimo

    Seeking to buy a Series 4 Hermes band I missed

    The keynote came up on me too fast and I missed purchasing an Apple Watch band that Apple has removed today. It is the "Indigo/Craie/Orange Swift Leather Single Tour" from Hermes. There seem to be numerous replicas and fakes around the web but nothing authentic. Hoping maybe reaching out to the...
  10. rosegoldoli

    Thoughts on Hermès Watch bands?

    I was thinking of actually getting an Hermès watch band, even though it's over $330. Does anybody own that thinks its worth the price? (Obviously $300+ for a watch strap is absurd so thats not the question im asking)
  11. D

    Hermès Apple Watch Series 4 Not Available in Gold Finish

    WTF. I had series 0 and it didn't come with the orange sport band. Learnt the hard way that sweat damages the leather band pretty quickly. Now, if I had an orange sport band from a previous gen, I would go for a regular Apple Watch 4 and just buy an Hermès band later, but I don't. The only...
  12. tonoboon

    I could stop buying Apple Watch straps

    This morning I took the picture my Apple Watch collection , my wife start complain after she saw all of the straps. :p So maybe it's time to stop ad more the straps . I hope you guys enjoy it. ps. all the strap are Apple band and Hermes , I didn't took the knock off in the frame.
  13. A

    Apple Watch 3

    Hi All, I hope you've all had a great Christmas. Ok, I've been saving for a while and finally have enough money to purchase an Apple Watch Hermes. My reasons for buying the Series 2/Hermes are as follows: 1) I love the Hermes Fauve Barenia leather band 2) I'm a big fan of the simplistic...
  14. btrach144

    Hermès Edition Owners Thread

    Since we're days away from the launch of the Series 2 Apple Watch Hermès Edition, I though it would be great to start a thread for new Series 2 Hermès owners. Have you preordered online or do you plan on trying to pick one up at a Hermès/Apple Store? What style did you go with? Do you plan on...
  15. ScubaCinci

    Anyone order a Hermes version & get 9/16 delivery?

    My wife ordered a rev 2 Hermes model (she's nuts) just minutes after 3am and it won't deliver until Sep 30 (at least that's how it stands currently). Curious if anyone actually got a 9/16 delivery on any Hermes model? I'm surprised. Either they had little to no inventory or the demand was way...
  16. M

    New WatchOS 3 Hermes face color

    Under WatchOS3, now you can also change the color of the numbers to Hermes Orange or leave them in silver:
  17. RumorzGuy

    macOS Looking for Old Hermes II BBS External

    Hello. If there are any other Hermes II SysOps visiting this forum, I could really use your help. About three years ago, when Michael Alyn Miller rewrote parts of the Hermes II BBS software, and switched from writing externals in Pascal to writing them in Python/Jython, I wrote a completely new...
  18. choreographics

    Best Apple Watch Hermès Cuff Band Replica available?

    Hello. I have to admit I have an Apple Watch band problem—my collection has grown up to 16 bands. I change the bands frequently, mostly based on mood, model or outfit, because that's a huge benefit (and a lot of fun) of Apple Watch—and I really enjoy it. However, I would love to have the Apple...
  19. Rian Gray

    Hermes Band and Hermes Watch Face

    I just realized Hermes Band is now available separately on Apple Store. So I'm wondering, if you buy a Hermes band, can you use Hermes Watch Face on your watch? Or is it only available for those who bought the Hermes edition?