1. L

    backup / disk format with Superduper

    is the data on the disk at risk during conversion? should one trust the app to make the conversion? other options/methods? risk to data primary concern. another clone prior necessary? xternal disk encrypted, two partitions
  2. B

    Paragon HFS+ vs. MacDrive: Which and why?

    I’m looking to access HFS+ partitions from Windows 10. Write access isn’t a priority, but the ability to do it safely would be nice. It seems the two major players are Paragon HFS+ and MacDrive. What are the pros and cons of each?
  3. TrumanLA

    Bootable Clone (with CCC) 10.15.6 / Catalina still possible..?

    CCC produced a message suggesting they no longer provide bootable clones as of 10.15.6 ... which I know just came out. Is it REALLY over..? I found a video which alleged that: Sync Folder Pro+ ... which it appears uses Rsync as the 'engine' but has an advanced wrapper which manages the...
  4. Mohanak

    mac partition startup disk not on win 10 bootcamp assistant

    Hi, when apple upgraded HFS+ to APFS, macOS startup disk was not showing on windows 10 bootcamp Control Panel. this last until recently when a bootcamp Control Panel on windows 10 pops up an update. I have applied this update on iMac and MBP. macOS startup disk is now showing on "windows 10...
  5. T

    Catalina on HFS+ - a HOWTO

    I've just had some success getting Catalina on HFS+: Please ignore that I selected the APFS volume of my main boot drive on the tester Mac. I hadn't noticed when taking the screenshot and when I did notice I'd already erased the volume for my next test. Method: From an image of a working...
  6. L

    How to attach encrypted HFS+ drives to a network?

    I know that people have asked this sort of question before, but I've always found it geared specifically for their own equipment, rather than in a general sense. How do users out there attach an encrypted drive to a network, be it a hard drive or raid, be it attached via ethernet or via a USB...
  7. E

    Installing MacOS on External SSD

    Hello! I am going to install MacOS on an External SSD and I need some advice. Should I install it normally with APFS? OR Try to install it with HFS? The reason why I am debating over this is because I have heard of APFS having issues like data loss, performance issues, or the fact that it's...
  8. Apple_Glen_UK

    Mojave; File System & Update Questions

    I’m mulling over whether to upgrade from Sierra to Mojave and have read the various opinions of people on here. There are a couple of things which I’m uncertain on – any advice/clarification would be most welcome: 1 - As I’m currently on Sierra (not High Sierra), I assume my file system is...
  9. RolleR85

    iMac2012 heats up when put it to screen sleep and safari slow, maybe user in HDD?

    Hi everyone! First of all, I am Spanish, and I'll do everything possible to write as best I can in English. I have an iMac: (21.5 inches, late 2012), 3.1 GHz Intel Core i7, 16Gb Ram DDR3 and GeForce GT650M 512Mb, SSD 120Gb and HDD 1TB. I explain a little everything I did: - I undid the fusion...
  10. katbel

    Can You Install Mojave on a partition and have only APFS

    Can You Install Mojave on a partition and have only APFS on that partition and keep the other one in HFS+? Can be done on an external thunderbolt Lacie disk?
  11. Heliotropen

    Upgrading to Mojave on External SSD (HFS+)

    Heeelp :-) I'm booting from an external SSD over thunderbolt ... (the internal SSD was fried a long time ago). As of such the drive right now is formated to HFS+ NOT APFS ... It runs amayzingly with High Sierra this way ... but obviously I want to upgrade to Mojave. Is there any ways I...
  12. zedsdeadbaby

    Considering i9 MBP - Reinstall and Disable APFS?

    Well, despite my better judgement I'm considering the i9 MBP. The reports I'm seeing from Logic users are a lot more significant than I expected... Anyway, I've been on 10.12 for a few years now and haven't gone near 10.13. After some reading, it would seem that there's some rationale behind...
  13. robertcoogan

    Cannot format new external drive

    I have tried to reformat a new WD 4TB external USB - it arrived NTFS (shocker). I at first tried to reformat the drive to AFPS, and that failed. The drive wouldn't even mount, and only appeared grayed out in Disk Utility (as disk4 - I have 3 mounted). Then I tried to reformat it JHFS+, that...
  14. B

    Transfer files from HFS+ to EXFAT

    Hello, I have a Macbook Pro and just got a new PC to use at home. I transferred photos from an external HFS+ HDD (HDD1) to an external EXFAT HDD (HDD2). The idea is to reformat HDD1 as NTFS, shuck it, and place it into the PC. However there are some discrepancies between the two drives that are...
  15. Joobs333

    Notice to people encrypting drives in High Sierra

    Article from carbon copy cloner: https://bombich.com/blog/2017/09/29/think-twice-before-encrypting-your-hfs-volumes-on-high-sierra This was a surprise to me so thought i'd share: CCC discovered if you encrypt your HFS+ formatted drive in High Sierra it will convert it to APFS without telling...
  16. J

    Time Machine Missing Files and Discrepancies

    The bug where Time Machine fails to backup files that tmutil say are included, or fails to identify changed files, seems to be back in 10.13 High Sierra. The bug was introduced around 10.10, persisted through 10.11, was fixed in 10.12, and now seems to have regressed. Has anyone else done their...
  17. J

    Question - a laptop and an iMac, APFS and HFS+, iCloud

    I hope someone here may be able to answer this. I am using a MacBook (2016) and an iMac (2015). Of course the MacBook has a solid state drive, and would be converted to APFS on upgrading to High Sierra. That machine hasn't been upgraded yet. The iMac has a fusion drive, and remains HFS+...
  18. phillytim

    10.13: Convert HDD from HFS+ to APFS

    Greetings! How do you convert an HDD over to APFS after upgrade? I have a single, standard SATA hard drive in my 2011 MBPro, and of course the in-place upgrade to High Sierra did not auto-convert it over to APFS. I went to Disk Utility, but the "Convert to APFS" was grayed-out (unusable). I...
  19. J

    Question about HFS+ and AFPS - two computers, one SS, one Fusion Drive

    Hopefully someone here may be able to answer this. I have a MacBook with a solid state drive. It has not been upgraded to High Sierra yet. My understanding is that the upgrade will change the file system from HFS+ to AFPS. I also use a late 2015 iMac, with a fusion drive. The upgrade does not...
  20. Crimson Hikari

    Disabling Journalling for external drive

    I'm trying to attach a usb flash drive to our modem/router (some Technicolor monstrosity our ISP insists on) for sharing files between my mac and my mother's. To attach storage, the external drive needs to be formatted to Mac OS Extended/HFS+ (Not Journaled), but Disk Utility does not allow...