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  1. M

    iPhone XR HotSpot ipv6 problem

    hey guys. I have a very weird problem on my iphone xr.. after I've been upgraded to ios 15 beta I have a problem with my hotspot when I connect it to my laptop (Windows 10 and 11) btw I've already deleted the beta and updated to 15.1 no beta version. the dongle that I have to the wifi...
  2. B

    iPhone 13 pro - how to use hotspot without wifi

    Hello. I just got an iPhone 13pro. I had sprint but T-mobile took over and now I have T-mobile for my carrier. On my old phone I could just turn on Hotspot and use it to connect my laptop and other devices. However, on my new iPhone 13pro I cannot use Hotspot unless it connects through my wifi...
  3. Deiota43

    Hotspot turned on on a specific focus mode

    Hi! I'm a teacher and I need to use my personal iPhone hotspot on my classes, so when I turn my "work" focus mode (automatically based on location) I would like to turn on hotspot auto also. Is it possible? How? Thanks in advance! Best regards, Andrea
  4. S

    iPhone 13 Pro Hotspot Question

    Hello all, Currently I have an iPhone X and love it. I have had it since 2017 and really have no desire to change. There is, however, one thing that could convince me to give it up. I use my phone's hotspot (ATT) quite a bit at work. Would the iPhone 13's 5G translate to a faster hotspot...
  5. J

    Apple TV hotspot WiFi?

    Do you think they could enable the new Apple TV 4K to work as a Wifi hotspot/AP? I think it would be a very useful feature for those who have it linked to the internet thorugh an Ethernet cable. What do you think?
  6. J

    Not sure if anyone knows, but is there a way to share the screen via bluetooth? Using the wifi to share the screen I cannot use internet

    I recently got a projector, to which I can share my screen from my iPhone via wifi. However, using the wifi to share the screen I cannot access internet.. so the the purpose is basically pointless! I can use the mobile data and that way use the internet while screen sharing, but I have limited...
  7. tonyhes

    iPhone 8(+) iPhone "Personal Hotspot" - Does not meet field worker requirements.

    Hello MacRumors, I'm hoping you will be able comment.... I am helping to support a group of field workers. These workers are supplied with a corporate phone and for cost saving reasons the corporate laptop has had cellular services removed. The users work very dynamically. At one point they...
  8. chrisgunton

    iPhone Using iPhone as hotspot in car

    I've just upgraded to a significantly newer car (VW T-ROC) with quite a bit of tech. One of the things it can do is connect via wifi to a phone hotspot to pull down calendar events, parking and traffic information. I've found that once configured, it only connects to the phone if I briefly open...
  9. D

    All Devices iOS13 Persistent Hotspot? Hotspot disconnects when device is in sleep mode

    Hi I’m currently using a iPad Pro 3 (11inch, wifi) with a iphone 7 I really like iOS 13’s Instant Hotspot which automatically connects to your mobile device But, I couldn’t help to notice that when ever I have my iPad connnected to my phone, it will lose connection when the iPad goes to sleep...
  10. HappyDude20

    All Devices How to Share WiFi Password from iPhone to Mac, at a Church?

    Hello, So yes, I have Personal Hotspot on my iPhone with Verizon but I am currently at a Church and my iPhone is connected to the Church's WiFi from when I first visited this church about a year ago. I'm here at the Church 3 hours early and I brought my Mac so am wanting to connect my Mac to...
  11. Jay-Jacob

    iPad iPad hotspot pop up

    Hi New iPadOS 13 have that annoying hotspot pop up box every time want watch BBC iPlayer downloads programmes. How I switch that pop up off completely?
  12. R

    All Devices iPad Photos connected to personal hotspot used up all my data

    I was on vacation last week and downloaded all of my photos to my iPad Pro. My iPad is WiFi only, and it was connected to my iPhone’s hotspot, and it uploaded 20 GB of photos to my iCloud, using up my 20 GB of ATT data for the whole month in just a few days. On my iPhone, there’s an option in...
  13. Nalegier

    Carrier Serious help

    Why does my device show up on my tablet
  14. N is not syncing when using hotspot. How to treat hotspot as a regular Wi-Fi on macOS?

    Recently I started use hotspot as my home internet. I have unlimited data and high speeds 160/40 Mbps. Everything works well except It just doesn't sync even a single photo. I contacted Apple support, but it's just a big facepalm. They asked me to test this problem with other...
  15. V

    Other Personal hotspot fails to reconnect to MBP

    Hi, I got my Iphone xs max a few days ago and i have had lots of issues with the personal hotspot. I enable it and can connect to it the first time by writting the password. Then when my MBP goes to sleep and i wake it up it refueses to connect to my iphone. Sometimes it does not evenfind the...
  16. absolut31

    iPad mini Using hotspot automatically

  17. A

    Other Autoconnect to IPhone hotspot

    My IPhone Wifi hotspot (the first one in the screenshot) is shown with a different icon from any other hotspots (Android, broadband etc). This doesn't bother me except I need to manually re-connect my Mac to the hotspot whenever it's restarted/woke up from sleep, instead of it auto-connecting...
  18. kirky29

    Mac iCloud Photos not updating using iPhone Personal Hotspot

    Any ideas on this one? My iCloud photo library isn't updating when my Mac (high sierra - latest version) is connected via my iPhone 7+ (iOS 11 - latest version) using the personal hotspot connection. I also use iStat and can see there is no network activity on the Photos app. Everything else...
  19. U

    iPhone 5 - Hotspot

    I have created a Hotspot on the phone and connect my laptop to it. If I shut down the laptop and open it again, it is not detecting the iPhone. I have to OFF the hotspot and ON it again. Then only the laptop detects the iphone. How can I avoid this OFF and ON in the iphone, every time I open my...
  20. P

    iOS 11 personal hotspot never works

    I have been using personal hotspot from my iPhone to my MacBook almost daily in iOS 10, after updating to iOS 11 it NEVER connects. I’m using the feature where I activate the hotspot directly on my MacBook, but even if I manually turn hotspot ON on my iPhone it won’t connect. So I did some...