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  1. ultrasaw

    What Emulators/Games Run Best on the G3?

    So I understand the G3's capabilities are... not particularly broad, especially relative to newer and faster PPC chips. That being said I am pretty uninformed when it comes to the plethora of software that both runs and has been optimized to run on the thing. Emulators in particular peak my...
  2. ultrasaw

    Which version of OS X for a decked out 300mhz G3 Clamshell? (10.2, 10.3, 10.4)

    Hi, new to the forums here so my apologies of this is something that's already been discussed at length. I'm getting my hands on an iBook G3 Clamshell, the original 300mhz model specifically. I'm already decided on the idea of running OS X alongside or outright instead of OS 9 on this machine...
  3. N

    need battery replacement, help with backing up various files

    Hi All. I have a battery replacement scheduled for an iPhone 8 and need some clarification on backing up and making certain I have a copy of my stuff. I completed a backup through iTunes to my PC. I understand it’s encrypted so I just can’t pull a single file or note from it. I want to know if...
  4. daveyanthony

    iBook G4 troubles

    Recently i’ve decided to start collecting laptops alongside desktops and I bought a pretty decent iBook G4 1ghz. It was listed as freezing at boot so I figured it would just be a dead hard drive and easy fix. Basically I got the computer and after taking it apart the cause of the faulty boot was...
  5. christiann

    Where can I get a free iMac, iBook, Mac Mini, eMac, any PowerPc Apple Computer?

    Hi all, Ive been looking for an iMac, or an iBook, Mac Mini, any PowerPc Apple Computer for free and no luck. I’ve contacted eWaste places.. tried Facebook, Craigslist, Letgo, Offerup, Freecycle, and now I am frustrated from looking OVER a year. I am in the Southern California area, where can I...
  6. christiann

    iBook G3 Snow, complete upgrade to PowerPC G4, superdrive, 512 MB RAM upgrade.

    Hi. I have an iBook G3 Snow a Dual Usb, and I bought a Motorola 7410 to upgrade it to. I also bought 512 MB RAM to get rid of the current 64 Mb RAM. I am also interested in buying a SuperDrive. Here are my questions: -How do I perform the upgrade from a G3 to a G4.. I’ve seen people do it...
  7. A

    iBook G3 Dual USB upgrade questions

    Hi! During the pandemic, as I had left far away my PowerBook G4 12', I ended up using my iBook G3 (Dual USB, 500Mhz, 640Mb RAM) quite a lot under OS 9 for work, light internet, emails, and music stuff. I really marveled at what I could do with this underpowered computer. But now that I've been...
  8. C

    Brass instrument slide oil saved my optical drive!

    Hey! I recently picked up an iBook G3 snow off eBay, only to discover the optical drive wouldn't boot a disc (I could hear it struggling, but no dice). As I didn't have a firewire cable, this meant I had no way to install an OS! But I tried a bit of maintenance and it worked! I had a bottle...
  9. B

    Best Video Codec for a retired iBook G4?

    Hello community, what is the best video codec for an iBook G4? My little girl is about to use it to watch Peppa. ? The top priority is battery life (before file size and quality). I tried Xvid with VLC so far, works fine, but I'd be interested in more streamlined solutions if any. Any H.264...
  10. superlions16

    is the g4 dead?

    i can see why everything feels so slow on those processors now, and nothing is really fast on them anymore. i even OCed my eMac to 1.5ghz and it still feels so slow so here's my question: is the g4 just straight up obsolete?
  11. Knix6593

    Question about Snow iBooks

    Okay so i found another deal on an iBook, a 14in Snow G3 900Mhz(one with Myriad lettering). But before i spend my 27$ on that, is it affected by the GPU plague? I've seen those issues in the older 500-600mhz G3 but not on the 'Early 2003' models.
  12. B S Magnet

    Missing memory? an area on clamshell logic board where onboard memory was never added

    Hi. Longtime, but occasional reader here. So I've owned a couple of Rev. C clamshells (an indigo and a 466 key lime) over the last dozen years. With the latter, I restored it partially earlier this year — adding a 128GB SSD, a DVD-RW (which mates to the original bezel), and an LG XGA 1024x768...
  13. Knix6593

    Resolved iBook G4 shutting down while booting

    Hello all :) first post here so sorry if I'm doing something wrong I bought a seemingly dead iBook G4 for 12$ doesn't look half bad on the outside and no damage to the screen.after opening the keyboard up it seems to be a 1.33ghz mid 2005 12in G4. now I plugged in my charger...
  14. blackxacto

    Anyone have a Terminal command?

    I want to FORCE Mojave Books to open pdf's in my pdf editor, NOT PREVIEW. I have done the old select a pdf+Apple+I, then designate my editor to open all pdf's. DOES NOT work in Mojave. Anyone know a way?
  15. MrAjarix

    iMac G3 Optical Drive Replacement

    Hey guys. I have an iMac g3 600MHz Graphite (slot loading) and am looking for a replacement optical drive. As is common with these computers, the optical drive stopped working a while back. I decided that instead of simply replacing it with another CD-RW drive, I would upgrade it to a combo...
  16. amagichnich

    iBook G4 1.33 14" - the coolest G4?

    Today i was - again - surprised by my 14" iBook, especially by the temperatures it develops. I was trying to install the newest possible version of Eclipse for Tiger (3.8.1) and had problems downloading it because the download process in TFF took about 80% of CPU. Then the iBook didn't react to...
  17. tevion5

    Tricky iBook G3 HDD Replacement Success

    A while back the hard drive in my iBook G3 (700MHz) finally gave up the ghost. One day it just started clicking loudly and I got nothing but the flashing folder on boot. I'd put off sorting it out but one day I spotted a compatible 2nd hand 60GB IDE HDD drive in CEX for €1 so I got it with the...
  18. T

    iBook G4 battery recall?

    I recently purchased an iBook G4 off of eBay. The iBook itself is a very nice sorta retro computer, good for web browsing with TenFourFox too. However, the battery's serial number begins with 6C548, which is in the range of first-5-digits on this page...
  19. ondert

    Modding a White Unibody Macbook?

    Hello, I used to have 2010 white macbook unibody long ago and sold it a few years before. However it was so fun to use it. While surfing on the internet I just saw a guy modding old ibook g3 clamshells, putting an i5 (probably an intel NUC or macbook air logic board). You can find his website...
  20. C

    what is the latest mac os a ibook g3 clamshell support

    what is the latest mac os a ibook g3 clamshell support please answer fast model number = M2453