icloud backup

  1. S

    Videos uploaded as photos

    I recently uploaded a number of photos and videos from my Mac to iCloud. These files were not in my Photos app on my Mac but rather saved as files. When I uploaded the videos to iCloud, they were saved as photos. I accidentally deleted the original files. Is there anything I can do? Has the...
  2. U

    iPhone iCloud backup of WhatsApp on cellular stops at 95% completion status

    Manually initiated iCloud backup of whatsapp while on cellular connection does not go beyond 95% completion. After reaching 95% the iCloud backup of whatsapp stops and displays message - waiting for WiFi connection. Moreover since the whatsapp backup continues till 95% completion even while on...
  3. E

    iCloud backup and videos missing on new iphoneXs

    Afternoon, first time post so please be gentle. I'm currently in a glass case of emotion at the minute with everything iCloud... I purchased the iPhone Xs on launch day and everything worked great. Restored from iCloud (50GB) and everything from my iPhone 7 pulled through great. No problems at...
  4. H

    How to locate item in iCloud back-up that caused prompt "includes purchase from different Apple ID"

    In the process of transferring my data from an iPhone 6s (with a broken "Home" button) to my "new" iPhone 6, I was prompted to enter the password for an Apple ID that I recognized but isn't mine. My new iPhone isn’t actually new, but it was wiped clean. The owner of the Apple ID I was prompted...
  5. ltb7

    icloud back up not completing on iPhone

    iPhone 6+ will not back up to iCloud, keeps repeating that a back up could not be completed tried multiple times: 1. signing in/out of icloud 2. reset network settings 3. reset all settings 4. turning iPhone on/off, soft/hard reset 5. turned off wifi assist can't be wifi/router as 2 iPads...
  6. J

    Photos "just DOES NOT work" with local library?

    I have sign to a 2Tb iCloud for holding my ~500Gb photos and documents . However, I want to to also keep at least two local copies of my files and photos. With files, that's easy and done. However, with Apple Photos, it is being an year since I've been trying to re-sync my Photo Library. When...
  7. N

    Transfer data to new iPhone without iCloud

    My friend is having serious iCloud issues that cannot be resolved even after spending days working on it with Apple. Apple essentially conceded that point and had her create a new Apple ID. She is going to buy a new iPhone XS and then she is going to log into her new phone with her new Apple ID...
  8. L

    iCloud is totally nuts - HELP!!!

    Hey everyone, this is my first post so I'll first introduce myself. My name is Lucas, I'm from Argentina and I've been using Apple products (MacBook, iPhone and iPad) for the last 10 years. Let's cut through the chase to the problem I've been facing for the past 2 weeks. I have a 50GB plan on...
  9. R

    iPhone 6(S)(+) Unable to restore iCloud backup on new (warranty replacement) iPhone

    Hello, I'm trying to help my gf to reinstall/reconfigure her new/replacement iPhone 6, which she got today. When trying to restore the first time it asked to download and upgrade to 11.4.1. I didn't see what version the phone was before. The previous dead iPhone (died on day 364 of the...
  10. danmart

    Does ‘app data’ include local emails?

    I’m planning ahead to a point where I may no longer have a PC-device (Mac or Windows...) and just have iOS devices. iCloud backup says that it includes ‘app data’. Can anyone confirm that this includes emails stored locally on the device? I ask because I pay for a personal email service (as...
  11. seatton

    Restoring iCloud backup to iPhone running iOS 12 PB

    I have a question. I installed iOS 12 PB 1 to my iPad Pro and I have not noticed significant issues - loving it so far. (mainly because I only use it for reading). I do a lot of reading and now the new "Books" app does not syn up with the iBooks on my iPhone X running iOS 11.4 latest version...
  12. zlloyd1

    Can I add a folder to iCloud if I buy more storage?

    Hello all, have not posted a question here for a while, but it is too late to contact Apple directly, so here goes.... My Macbook Pro laptop has 5gb of iCloud storage that came free, and it is near full. I was thinking of purchasing more storage space, but I am unclear as to how to add a folder...
  13. Lodewijk_Ramon

    iCloud backup

    Does anybody know wether Apple backs up their enormous iCloud database(s). I read all about what I should do to have backups of my software and data. Part of that I entrust Apple with by for example making iPad-backup's on iCloud. but I also entrust Apple with my entire photo library in iCloud...
  14. Lizziejh

    iPhone 8(+) iCloud backup

    My iPhone8 won't back up to icloud when plugged in and connected to wifi. I have signed in and out of my account and rebooted the phone and have the latest software. Help appreciated. Thanks
  15. boiporitto

    Carrier Does icloud stores my messeges too?

    Hi, Recently I lost my phone. I bought a iPhone 10 and logged in with my icloud account. I restored all my contacts and app. But could not get my sms. Is there any way to get them back? Thanks
  16. A

    iPhone 7(+) iPhone 7 plus -> X -> iPhone 7 plus iCloud backup question

    So I have been using a 7+ for the last year and switched to the X a week ago. Before switching over to the X, I made sure my 7+ (on iOS 11.1) was full backed up via iCloud and restored this backup on the X (also on 11.1). Now after using the X for 5 days, I feel like I am really missing the...
  17. KnightPocalypze

    iCloud backup iOS firmware

    Hi all- I have an iCloud backup of my iPhone 7 with a "Last Backup" date of 11/13/16. My current iOS version is 10.2.1. I want to see if it's possible to revert to an earlier version of iOS from my iCloud backup. Perhaps the Last Backup mentioned above is earlier than 10.2.1..? And so my...
  18. Boardiesboi

    iPhone iCloud Backup vs iTunes Backup

    Recently started backing up to iCloud and have a few queries iCloud backup is only 6GB but I've used 35GB of storage on my iPhone itself. Does that mean if I restore using the iCloud backup, it'll have to redownload 29GB of stuff (eg. apps etc) using wifi? I'm on iOS 11.1 Beta 2. Since iCloud...
  19. K

    Icloud has a backup i can’t remove

    Today I checked what I have backed up in my iCloud and found a 2.8gb backup. I only backup my iPhone and after removing the backup of my iPhone there is still a 1.5gb backup I can’t remove from my phone, iCloud.com or my Mac (which I don’t backup to iCloud). So what is this backup that racks...
  20. ragtopss

    iPhone SE Iphone SE not responding - need to recover notes

    This morning, while I was on my phone, the screen went black and a spinning circle appeared. My first thought was to do the hard reset by holding down the power and home button. This solved nothing, the apple logo came on and then it went back to the black screen. I contacted apple support and...