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  1. F

    Editing WhatsApp filesystem

    Hi everyone, recently I wanted to transfer my whatsapp chat and media extracted from an iPhone backup and copy the files into a jailbroken one. What I did is extracting ChatStorage.sqlite on my computer (it is the file with all the messsages I suppose) and all the media related to each chat...
  2. deanmys43

    How to make iPhone think it's a white version?

    I recently restored a Space Gray iPhone 5, but I put it in a white/silver body (I forget the color name Apple gives it). Is there any way I can permanently have the boot screen be a white start up screen instead of black? I'm cool with jailbreaking my phone to get it, but I want to be able to...
  3. I

    iPhone PP Jailbreak not working

    Hello! Yesterday i jailbroke my iPhone 5s(iOS9.3.2) using the PP Jailbreak app and everything worked like a charm, now that i've installed some tweaks and apps my phone went into safe mode and i tried rebooting it with the PP app but then it just gets stuck on the apple logo and tries to...

    iPhone iFile , I accidentally deleted something in ifile /apps gone

    I accidentally deleted something in ifile now 90% of my system apps are go e.g safari ,settings. i have checked the ifile trash and its empty. Anyway to recover it without formatting and re-jail breaking?