imac g3

  1. Qrani

    iMac G3 Not Detecting Keyboard on Boot

    I recently got an iMac G3 (fully working!) For $20 from my friend, though he didn't have a keyboard or mouse for the computer. So I used just a generic keyboard that I had laying around. Everytime the computer booted into Mac OS 9, it would freeze after a while. I put a new HDD in it, and tried...
  2. Appleuser201

    iMac G3 Ram Upgrade Burning Smell

    I finally got around to trying to upgrade the ram in my 400mhz iMac G3 with only 256mb of Ram (running tiger + 9.2) I was given 2 old sticks of PC100 ram, in their package still. I have the exact specs of the Compaq ram here I didn’t...
  3. Appleuser201

    Load MacRumors on your oldest Mac

    Just for fun, I’d like to see you all load the Macrumors homepage on your oldest Mac, maybe even a beige powermac. I know some of you here own beige powermacs, and clamshell iBooks clocked even lower than any of my G3 Macs. Here I’ve got it loaded (rather slowly but useable) on a late 1999...
  4. Appleuser201

    The Future of IceweaselPPC Browser

    I use IceweaselPPC and arctic fox on my 1.33 iBook G4 for daily Internet browsing. Not many use their PPC macs daily for this purpose for understandable reasons. But What shocked me was the performance and usability of IceweaselPPC on my recently purchased 400mhz iMac with just 256mb of ram...
  5. Appleuser201

    DVD Stuck in iMac G3 Drive - Won't even try to eject

    Ive got quite a bad situation here. I recently got a 400mhz iMac G3 with slot loading DVD drive (the late 1999 grape model) and the DVD started to play just fine without issue, but when I tried to eject the disc, I heard the whirring sound but nothing happened and the disc began to play again...
  6. Appleuser201

    TenFourFox/PPC browsers Unsupported Message Fix?

    Recently I’ve been having this problem with some websites. Especially google sites like gmail and docs, is there a way to change the user agent to a newer browser like Firefox 56 in tenfourfox to trick the website into thinking I’m using a newer version of “Firefox”? And there’s my new grape...
  7. Appleuser201

    iMac G3 - Surpringly Useful In 2019

    It's 2019 and I'm shocked at how much I've been using my snow 600mhz G3. For Internet usage and word processing. Light photo editing. Using a mix of ice weasel, camino and arctic fox, the modern Internet has been Surpringly good to our old G3 CPUs. It's not perfect, some bloated websites are...
  8. Appleuser201

    Should I Install Debian 10 Linux on 600mhz iMac G3

    I would like to install a form of modern Linux on my 600mhz G3... preferably Debian 10. Has anyone tried the new Debian 10 on a G3 yet? I imagine it won't be snappy, but is it slow to the point of being unusable? The second thing is someone mentioned that installing any form of Linux (2014 and...
  9. Appleuser201

    Is Linux still worth it on a G3? Anyone currently doing this?

    I know nothing about linux on intel or ppc... never used it, only seen videos about it. Ive seen threads posted here on linux and I am now wondering, A G5 quad is very fast on linux and G4s are actually quite usable (from videos ive seen), but can a G3 be made usable today for light...
  10. Appleuser201

    How Bad is TenFourFox on a G3 Mac?

    Anyone out there who dares run TFF on there G3 (yes G3) Mac, please tell me what YouTube video playback experience is like? I know there are dozens of YOUTUBE applications, but for the sake of curiosity, I am wondering how painful TenFourFox YouTube playback is on a 19 year old processor. Thanks!
  11. Isaac_Coker

    Another iMac G3 that wont boot.

    So I recently received a 2001 Blue Dalmatian G3 and it was working great until today. I can tell that this is a motherboard problem as I swapped the motherboard from another G3 into it and BOOM, working mac. What its doing (or lack thereof) is when I push the power button the CRT coil turns on...
  12. M

    Can someone run website tests for me on the iMac G3?

    So, I can't get an iMac G3 anytime soon. I am very interested in finding out how certain websites load on this machine though. Using the TenFourFox browser, (only browser that renders and loads modern websites) run the following websites and if possible post pics: (1). message me on google...
  13. Appleuser201

    YouTube option for 266mhz iMac G3?????

    266mhz iMac G3 512mb ram running panther, 10.3.9, has anyone actually found a youtube program that ran on a TRAY LOADING iMac (233mhz, 266, 300, and 333mhz)? I wanna add this iMac to my collection but wanna know if it can playback online videos with the same programs faster macs use.
  14. Appleuser201

    Youtube not working on 600mhz iMac G3

    youtube isn’t working on the 600mhz iMac g3/1gb ram. I use TenFourFox, and the video doesn’t play well it stutters and freezes and sometimes crashes or doesn’t load at all. Any tips for better video streaming? Is there any way to play YouTube using a web browser on the G3 like you can do on the...
  15. Isaac_Coker

    Need a 2001 iMac Logic Board

    I guess this is my first post on here (account got deleted), but I have a big problem. My old mac has a dead logic board and I have no clue where to buy another or how I could fix it. Its a late 2001 SE model and I cant find any of the 700MHz motherboards anywhere. I press the power button and...
  16. Appleuser201

    Get Netflix Working On 600mhz iMac G3/1gb ram

    How can I stream Netflix (480p or lower) on a 600mhz G3 iMac? I know Netflix supports HTML 5 video. The iMac should barely be powerful enough to stream video as the Nintendo Wii has a similar PowerPC processor and can stream video fine.
  17. bobesch

    Is there an iMac G3 "indigo" with an "indigo" keyboard?

    A few weeks ago I came across an offer about an iMac G3 slot loader with original box. It did look like an "indigo" model with an "indigo"-colored 1st-gen keyboard and hockey-puck mouse. Unfortunately that offer was withdrawn and all the pictures disappeard from the offering website. Since then...
  18. bobesch

    Resolved Replacing iMacG3 speakers suffering from foam-rot

    I've got two iMac G3 with rattling speakers that are FUBAR because of foam-rot. Today I searched the web and found this awesome video about replacing the speakers:
  19. Appleuser201

    Still possible to use iMac G3 as daily machine?

    I am wanting to get a 600mhz iMac G3 with 1gb of ram and use it as my daily machine for email, internet (no video watching, no gaming), and word processing. Can I still get by on the internet in 2018 with a G3 iMac running 10.4.11 tiger and TenFourFox as my browser? I am also wondering if anyone...
  20. Appleuser201

    Google Hangouts, Instant messaging on a PPC mac?

    Hi, I am new to the forums and am thinking of buying an eMac G4 1.25ghz (with tiger installed) and an iMac G3 400mhz also with tiger installed from the same craigslist seller, $50 for both. Would I be able to use Google hangouts and gmail on them (using the TenFourFox browser)? Would messages...