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imac ram

  1. Vjosullivan

    How much RAM is enough?

    I recently purchased a well spec'd iMac with 8GB of RAM, on the basis that I would buy 3rd party RAM when I found that I needed it... I need it. Most things run fine but I've finally come across a situation where I need more RAM. In my case it is using Adobe Lightroom to stitch together...
  2. Xanderstone12

    Need help upgrading ram on a 2009 iMac

    I'm trying to breath life back into this older iMac. It was given to to me by my aunt who swore it was done with. I purchased snow leopard to try to get to a newer OsX but it only has 1 gig of ram. So I cannot get anything newer than 10.8 on it. That renders it useless to me bc I want iCloud and...