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  1. Bmju

    Pre-OpenCore GOP support for EFI-era iMacs and Mac Pros

    You wait ten years for a driver to enable pre-boot graphics on unsupported GPUs in EFI era Macs, and then two come along at once... This post is to announce a firmware driver to enable the native Apple boot picker and early macOS boot progress bar (plus other parts of the firmware UI: target...
  2. ShockTroop

    2011 iMac OpenCore

    Looking for some feedback on the risks of using OpenCore. I have a 2011 iMac that I use for mostly a media hub (photos, music, movies, idevice syncing and backing up). I also use it to share my media library to my Apple TV. What if any issues should I be aware of? Is it even worth doing if...
  3. J

    iMac 17.1 audio glitch

    Hi everyone, I have a peculiar problem with my iMac 5k Retina Late 2015. I've tolerated it for approx two years since I've never been able to locate the root of the problem. Just a little background, I work with audio and music. I do post production audio in Pro Tools, music using Logic Pro...
  4. J

    USB SSD in a late 2012 iMac. Is it worth it?

    Hi. I use a Late 2012 iMac at work, which I love because of the screen, but has admittedly lagged behind. I have upgraded the RAM to 16GB but since it is not really mine I can not upgrade the internal 7200RPM HDD, which is the main bottleneck. Yesterday I got the idea of using an external USB...
  5. purdnost

    iMac 24” — Wait for M2/M3 or Buy Now?

    I’ve been waiting for Apple to announce a 24” iMac with M2 chip for over a year now. Reading that this may not happen until late-2023, early-2024, or later. I may just get the current model rather than wait another 8+ months. Thoughts?
  6. D

    Reinstalling High Sierra on 2009 iMac

    I have a 2009 iMac which was in my son's possession. Somehow the OS was wiped clean. I'm trying to reinstall High Sierra and have created a bootable disk on a flash drive. When it comes time to select the drive for installation, the only choice given is the flash drive disk...which says "this...
  7. D

    iMac Drive Clone issue.

    I am currently working on an iMac(iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2017). The computer won't start up due to corruption in the storage confirmed by diagnostic testing. It will however boot into recovery and diagnostic mode. The customer wants me to try to pull any information I can from the hard drive...
  8. fixerman

    Havei got usb3

    I have a 2015 27 inch iMac. Has it got usb3? I've had a look at the usb inputs but there is no indication
  9. M

    iCloud Newbie question - moving hardware.

    Hi all, regular iMac user but newbie to this… I’m going from a 2gb fusion iMac to 512gb MacBook Pro. I have 2tb of iCloud and a 4gb ssd drive so space not an issue. When I check my iMac space I have 377gb of space left Checking my iCloud I have 1.06tb of 2tb left. I know some space...
  10. Alvin777

    OpenCore Legacy Patcher (OCLP)

    Hello Apple friends, merry Christmas, happy new year. For those who've experienced OpenCore Legacy Patcher, is this a bug, it's stopped at this step: what could be the fix? I'm using a Mac that's 100% compatible with OpenCore Legacy Patcher (OCLP), ver. 0.53 the current version. Thank you...
  11. D

    iMac with no OS and not working keyboard connection

    I have an old iMac vintage 2009. While my son had it he somehow wiped the OS from it. Now it starts with the question mark folder. To make matters worse, I can't seem to get it to respond with a wireless keyboard, so I'm not able to do anything with it. Any ideas about how I can reinstall...
  12. P

    Need to confirm parts

    Hello all, I am looking to update an iMac from Mid 2011 up to OS Monterey. However, I do need to update the wifi card that is present in the mac. Before I purchase these items, I just want to check with the community if these are the correct items to buy or if there is a better option...
  13. Retroworldnews

    iPhone 14 Pro Max iMac (Retina 4K, 21.5-inch, Late 2015) can charge iPhone 14 ?

    my current iMac is iMac (Retina 4K, 21.5-inch, Late 2015) can charge iPhone 14 ? I actually is a bit confuse come new iPhone what USB 2 etc stuffs.
  14. M

    New iMacs???

    Where are the new iMacs? The colored ones in the Apple Store and online are ancient now! They haven’t been updated in over 600 days! When does everyone think the iMac line will be refreshed?
  15. N

    Apple must love choppy/stuttery/jittery visuals

    Something has bugged me ever since I took the plunge on an iMac... $1900 M1 iMac - constant jitters, stutters, and animations played back at an ugly low framerate. Not intense animations, mind you, simple things like scrolling and window re-sizing. Constant sluggish input response and lag. A...
  16. T

    Is there a Photos extension that would enable me to use the 'Big Date' Theme like iPhoto used to have?

    I make a calendar every year for my mom and i used to use iPhoto back in the day to make it with iPhoto. Now what i do is make the calendar in iPhoto in my REALLY old MacBook Pro (2008) and then use the PDF to send to Mimeo to make the calendar. However, my MacBook Pro is SOOOOOOO slow and would...
  17. maikerukun

    MP All Models What does your home office look like?! :) Mac Pro 7.1 but everyone welcome to share!

    In my recent "Mac Pro 8.1 - WHAT IF..." someone mentioned wanting to see my home studio, and it got me thinking, I'd LOVE to see everyone's home offices, home studios, etc...I'm sure you all have really cool desks, offices, spaces, and it would be really awesome and inspiring to see all of...
  18. H

    Buying advice: Old 2009-2013 iMac as a secondary screen for photo editing with Macbook Pro 2020

    Hi, I have a Macbook Pro 2020 13 inch and i use it mainly for photo editing. I used to edit photos on my 17 inch 2019 Asus ROG but the colour accuracy of Macbook pro is great. But 13 inch screen isn’t that helpful tbh. So i was thinking of buying a budget monitor and i thought why not grab a...
  19. M

    How long does it take for Apple to ship a custom iMac M1

    Hey everyone :) This month I decided to jump on the M1 train and ordered an M1 iMac with 8 Core CPU/8 Core GPU, 16 GB RAM and 512 GB of SSD storage. I live in the UK and I ordered the iMac last monday but according to Apple's website it still says "Processing". Since I never got a new Mac...
  20. TheBeeDev

    I am trying to record System sound and Video on Windows XP iMac A1208

    I have been trying for almost 2 days to use Bandicam to record system video and sound. Video is working perfectly but i cannot seem to get Audio working properly. I am using Bootcamp 2.1 with MacOS 10.6.8 Snow Leopard