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  1. L

    Target Display mode coming back? (Official Article change)

    Hi people! I was just google'ing for a way to turn the new 24" iMac (and future Apple Silicon ones) to an external display for a MacBook or PC. While doing so I came across this article: If i remember correctly, this post had red text at the top that...
  2. Jsheeeeeehan

    Anyone know the latest version of OS X this Mac can install?

    Hi there. I hope someone can help. Please excuse my lack of knowledge. I have a Late 2008 iMac, which I have fished out the loft. Its horrendously slow (because of the HDD I reckon) I plan on giving it a clean and booting it off a external SSD to (hopefully) speed it up. Before being put in...
  3. TartanTrumpet

    Mac Office 365 Blurred Text

    I've just acquired a 21.5 inch 2017 iMac running Monterey. Quite an upgrade from my previous 2009 iMac; however, a big issue is that on the new iMac the text on Office 365 apps is blurry. Not what I was expecting at all. What's going on and what's the fix? Thank you
  4. Z

    Computer won't recognize the Magic Mouse

    Just setting up a new desktop computer and the computer will not recognize the Magic Mouse that came with it. And tips on how to get them to be friends?
  5. F

    Issues after upgrade to 2017 iMac

    Hi all Hope I am doing this right and not repeating someone else’s post. I recently upgraded my iMac 2017 21.5” with new ram, an SSD hard drive and a new CPU. I have built my own PC before but never done repairs on apple products. Long story short… the first time I booted it made the...
  6. devinpfox

    Hypothetically speaking, could you gut an iMac G3 and put all modern hardware in it? New screen, new logic board, processor etc?

    Apologies if this is a question asked all the time on here. I'm aware this would be a pricey endeavor and you're better off just getting a new machine from Apple... but if someone had the expertise, expenses, etc to do this themselves, would it be possible? I'm a programmer and love the Y2K...
  7. Mac03ForLife

    What PPC Mac to Buy?

    So I'm now in an interesting spot: My mom has reclaimed her PowerMac G5 as a end table (irreparably damaging the MB and other components when she stripped the case out). This leaves me with a Thinkpad P51 and a MBP2020. I would like a PPC Mac for nostalgia purposes but also as a dedicated word...
  8. lawlietkm

    Having a stressing hard time using my external SSD onto my 2021 Macbook Pro

    Hello, I'm in an emergency. Basically I'm leaving tomorrow for a few days away and I'll have work to do in the train and in the other city. I own an intel iMac from august 2020 and I backup often on an external SSD (Samsung 1T T5). Today, I tried to put my iMac save onto my recent Macbook Pro...
  9. BlueberryMac

    I have 2 HomePod Mini's—can I use Siri on them to launch songs from my iMac? (I do not subscribe to Apple Music)

    I have 2 HomePod Mini's—can I use Siri on them to launch songs from my iMac? (I do not subscribe to Apple Music) If so, how? Thanks!
  10. ItsAShaunParty

    Fastest Enclosure for an NVMe SSD to a 2020 iMac TB3

    I can see that similar questions have been asked in the past... but not this one exactly. I have a 2020 iMac 27". Got it at an okay price and didn't realize the SSD was soldered until it was too late to return. It was very upsetting. So now, I'm trying to get the fastest external SSD set-up I...
  11. tensixturtle

    2015 iMac External SSD?

    Hello, I have started to notice that my 2015 iMac's 7200rpm HDD is slow compared to my other computers with an SSD. I was wondering what might be my options to try to make it faster? I am too nervous to change the internal HDD because of the high risk of breaking the display. Is there a TB2 to...
  12. lotte87uk

    Help booting from usb

    Hiya trying to boot my 27inch 2010 iMac from a bootable usb drive but it get stuck on this can anyone help? Is it normal, how long does it take. Thanks in advance.
  13. W

    Upgrade to 12.1 seems to have triggered hard crashes when using Zoom and FaceTime video conferencing.

    I upgraded my 2020 iMac (Intel i9 with 64 GB memory, 4 TB SSD) to Monterey 12.2 and am now experiencing random hard crashes (machine stops responding, goes black and then reboots and starts normally). In all cases I was using either FaceTime in a video session or Zoom in a video session. The...
  14. M

    iMac Buying Question

    I’m seriously considering buying a new iMac next week. However, I’ve heard rumors that new iMacs may be released in January with a more powerful chip. What does everyone think? Should I buy the middle of the road iMac for $1499 next week or should I hold out and wait until after Christmas and...
  15. blackxacto

    How do I stop displaying this black box of text?

    19,1 iMac, Monterey 12.0.1: How do I stop displaying the black box in Apple Mail (see attached)?
  16. M

    iMac and HDR, Dolby Vision

    Hey there, I have an iMac late 2020 which from their support website should support HDR and Dolby Vision. I also have an iPhone 13 pro which shoots Dolby Vision Videos. I am a bit confused now If I playback a video on YouTube in Safari I only get to see the video in 4k but no HDR. If I open...
  17. D

    Question regarding clarification of shared RAM on M1 Machines.

    Recently I read that ram is shared between the CPU and GPU on M1 processors. Does this mean that some of my ram will be allocated to driving an external display? Wouldn’t the GPU have its own dedicated vram so that it wouldn’t cut into ram allotted to the cpu? 32GB of ram is what I currently...
  18. C

    iMac 2011 Gpu failed

    Hi macrumors. I hope I can find help here. I have a 2011 27°” iMac specs 16gb ram 1333 i7 3.4 some radeon card 850 Evo ssd 1tb The Gpu isn’t working anymore it burned about and getting hot every time I’m starting it. The Mac isn’t booting it just shows a white screen when I start it. I can’t...
  19. V

    iMac 27-Inch "Core i7" 3.4 (Mid-2011) trying to install MacOS

    Hello to all forum members :) Info: iMac 27-Inch "Core i7" 3.4 (Mid-2011) <--[Target] 3.4 GHz Core i7 (I7-2600) Previous MacOS installed - Unknown Currently installed system - Win 10 x64 I do not have another apple computer with MacOS to try to prepare the installation disk on it, using, the...
  20. T

    Got the new M1 iMac a few months ago, but now I can't use it

    I purchased the new 24" iMac (2021) in summer, all excited of course. Unfortunately I ended up injuring my hamstring pretty badly and since I'm indefinitely unable to use a desk, it's gone totally unused (albeit opened). Obviously my return period has passed so what would/where be my best bet...