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  1. M

    iMazing - only seeing c.250 calls when extracting call history

    hi, Just purchased iMazing as need to find call details from my iphone circa August 2016. (note. I have upgraded iphone twice since then, but assumed previous data transferred too, as I can see texts from that period and beyond) I thought full call logs would be accessible, but having...
  2. N

    Other Imazing questions including datasets for files folder app

    Trying imazing. 1. Can someone explain if I am able to see/access the ‘files folder app’ in imazing that is located ‘on my iPhone’? I noticed a ‘files’ folder (blue) in datasets panel but it is empty. I also see it in online tutorials, however I have yet to find any reference to it yet? Can I...
  3. jagooch

    iPhone How can I restore an old version of an app?

    As you may know, Fantastical pushed version 3 without prompting users, and moved several features behind a paywall. They also added other annoyances such as requiring a login account and nagging paid users to subscribe to the features that they paid for. I'm attempting to restore the...
  4. Gregzo

    iMazing | Manage your iPhone. Your Way.

    Hi everyone! I'm Greg, one of the developers of iMazing. We've been around for a while (remember Diskaid?), and somehow haven't started a thread here in all those years... I guess we were waiting for Dark Mode to come into the spotlight! iMazing is the ultimate iOS device manager. We aim...
  5. P

    iPhone 6(S)(+) Battery capacity accuracy

    I have an iPhone 6 plus with a third party battery in it. Lately, I'm having a hard time making it through the day on a full charge. I was considering replacing the battery but I'm not sure if it's the problem. I had the battery installed about 9 - 10 months ago and the battery information page...