1. ColeSQ

    Can’t add existing Verizon phone number to iPhone 11 eSim (IMEI not in database)

    Verizon can’t add my phone number to my iPhone 11 eSim because my IMEI isn’t in their database. Is anyone else having this issue?
  2. A

    iPhone X iPhone’s IMEI is linked to previous owner

    I bought a new iPhone X last week, only to find out a few days later that it was locked to Bell, despite what the seller had told me. I called Bell and they said that the phone’s IMEI is linked to an active account and I cannot get it unlocked without the original buyer’s permission. I have...
  3. Z

    iPhone XS iPhone Xs- Can't find add esim option

    Hello, I bought a iPhone Xs from Turkey, Which means I should get dual sim (one nano and one esim). When I am trying to add esim I cant find "add cellular plan" option in mobile data, In about there are two IMEI, one is primary and second is back sim IMEI. Also I got single sim tray with my...
  4. pppppenguin

    Advice buying used apple watch

    Hi all Just looking for some advice for buying a new Apple watch. The watch in question is a series 4 pink 40mm cellular + GPS and is sealed in the packaging. Given that it's cellular I'm wondering a few things: 1) Can its IMEI be blacklisted by the cellular company? 2) Based on question...
  5. macduke

    iPad Pro Over Five Hours Wasted Activating Data

    I'm so sick of explaining myself to different reps that I don't even want to get into the details but I just feel like I need to rant, even if nobody reads this. Feel free to not read it because it sucks. I'm warning you. Between yesterday and today, I have spent over five hours between T-Mobile...
  6. Compile 'em all

    My iPhone XS (still wrapped) Was Stolen. What to do?

    Hi, So I was sending a brand new iPhone XS Gold with DHL and basically it disappeared according to DHL. After few days of the online tracking not updating (package received from sender at branch), it has stayed so ever since. I was asked by DHL to submit an "investigation request" which took...
  7. T

    Tweak to Make Fake iPhone ID (serial, IMEI, ICCID, etc) for apps

    Hi, I use an iPhone SE / iOS 11.2.6 with Electra jailbreak. Do you know if there is a cydia tweak / package to make a fake iPhone IDs (serial, IMEI, ads id, etc...) or change them ? Thanks
  8. arichy2008

    Carrier Question about IMEI

    So here is what is up. I had a phone. The phone worked on my carrier. I then put the sim card into an iphone. It doesnt work anymore, even though the sim card is activated and the phone is unlocked. I called the carrier and they told me that the device wasnt supported on my plan. So now I have...
  9. K

    Blacklist Question

    Ok I'm really confused. I put in my TMobile Imei on Swappa and it says "blocked" NOT blacklisted but blocked by one carrier. It also says activation ready. I also did it on another website and it says ESN clean. But I tried or pro whichever one and it says reported Lost or stolen find...
  10. mattwolfmatt

    Sold iPhone, buyer wants IMEI number

    I just sold an iPhone 6 on eBay, now the winning bidder wants the IMEI number before they pay. Is there a reason they want this, or is there something untoward they can do if I give it to them? I paid full price for this, so it's out of contract (verizon phone). Thanks in advance for your advice.