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  1. remoteportal

    How do I easily export entire iMessage thread to PDF on MacBook Pro without manually scrolling back?

    I know how to export to PDF the most recent messages by tediously scrolling back the iMessages thread from my friend on my MacBook Pro then printing them to PDF. BUT HERE IS THE PROBLEM: scrolling back goes slower and slower and I can only go back about a year before iMessages app crashes...
  2. tonym26

    Major iMessage issues

    So yesterday my iMessage starting crashing just trying to open the program. Also, my wife, mother in law, and 2 brother in laws all had the same issue. Thats 5 people in three different households that all lost iMessages. So... we signed out of our accounts and resigned in our cloud settings and...
  3. J

    imessage shuffling out of order

    Hello all! I am sorry if this is a bit confusing to follow but recently I have been having issues with my imessages. my imessages will randomly shuffle out of order to where all of the sent (blue) messages are moved to the bottom of the thread and all of the received (grey) messages are moved...
  4. P

    iPad How can I receive a text to both Ipad and Android phone from someone with Apple iphone, Ipad, Macbook?

    How can I receive a text to both Ipad and Android phone from someone with Apple iphone, Ipad, Macbook? I don not have an Iphone. I currently have just an Android phone. People can of course text me from an Iphone or any other phone. I am getting an IPAD soon: My family members want to...
  5. W

    iPhone Force send SMS to user on iMessage?

    Seems force to send SMS to someone who's on iMessage is no longer possible... Any ideas?
  6. S

    iMessage screen not showing type box.

    When I open a message from a notification while I am in another app, the image app doesn't fit properly on my screen or hides sections, most often the latest text or it hides the type box. Anyone had this issue? iPhone 6 running iOS 12.0
  7. I

    Possible to merge two iMessage conversations?

    My wife got a new phone number (long story -- had to be done). We've been messaging each other with the new phone number, but it's keeping the old iMessage conversations separated. Call me sentimental, but I'd like to keep the old conversations, which includes messaging from the time of our...
  8. M

    General Going back to stock os killed iMessage

    Long story short, I had a previous iPad jailbroken and iMessages would sync between it and my iPhone seamlessly. I then updated that iPad to a stock os and suddenly the iPad would no longer receive iMessages. If I tried to send from my iPad the status bar showing it was sent would get stuck in...
  9. redllama

    Does 10.13.4 fix iMessages being out of order?

    Also debating updating if it does fix it as there is a lot of issues on 10.13.4? Any recommendations? Currently on 10.13.3. iMessages are fine on iPhone and iPad. Both on 11.3
  10. idknickip

    iMessage sending to wrong person?

    This issue began a couple weeks ago. I have deleted & re-downloaded imessage & restarted computer since then. I open iMessage, type a message to one contact, hit send, and there is a few second lag between when I hit send & when it is delivered. If I click on another contact during that lag...
  11. X

    iMessage won't send pictures from mac to iphones

    My hard drive crashed right before Christmas and I had to replace it. Before replacing the drive my iMessage worked perfectly fine but after swapping in a new one and getting my OSX back to the point it was, I haven't been able to send any pictures from my Mac. When I check the file transfer...
  12. cjhessing

    Broken iMessage notification sounds/alerts

    Hi everyone, currently have this case being sent to engineers by a really helpful guy over at 'Senior Applecare Advisor iOS / Mac+' so they can look into it but thought someone here might have an idea or something. Have had remote diagnostics performed on iPhone (6s+) and all tests passed...
  13. G

    Universal Gifizy : Send virtual gift with iMessage

    Hi all, With friend we develop a small iMessage extension to prototype a service which be able to send a virtual gift using iMessage. The sender choose a gift package and the content (photo, text, video) and send the gift package to someone. The receiver receive a nice package with a small...
  14. MacKid1983

    iMessage issues iOS 10.1.1

    Anyone Having iMessage issues. I downgraded to iOS 10.1.1 yesterday and today I am having imessage issues where texts are green and then someones blue. Phone internet is working fine. I;ve signed in and out of icloud and restated phone.
  15. archagon

    Universal MusicMessages! — A Collaborative Sequencer for iMessage

    I'm a believer in oddball ideas, so I made (what I'm fairly certain is) the first sequencer for the iMessage App Store, MusicMessages! The interface is mainly comprised of a grid of buttons, each representing a musical note in time. Tap in a few melodious chords, play back your piece, and send...
  16. L

    IMessage not activated with Apple ID? Pls Help.

    I have an Iphone 7plus and a Macbook Pro 2015; Im having problems activating imessage on the iphone and macbook using my apple ID, the error message "An Error occurred during activation. Try Again." appears when I try to use my apple Id on my iphone & macbook. Does anyone have a solution, Ive...
  17. A

    Universal Put A Bird On It - iMessage sticker app with customizable stickers

    I have put together a iOS 10 sticker app called Put A Bird On It (I am sure some people will know where the inspiration comes from)! You can currently choose between 36 silhouetted birds and select between 4 different colours. You can find it on the App Store...
  18. janeauburn

    iPhone 7 Plus heats up with iMessage?

    I've noticed that my iPhone 7 Plus gets quite warm when/after using iMessage, particularly the drawing part and the new GIFs. Anyone confirm this?
  19. dra

    iPhone Share your store, reward and loyalty cards via iMessage

    Stop carrying dozens of loyalty and reward cards around ! Get BoomBar 3 Easy Steps Scan , Save and Use with your iPhone, Apple Watch and iMessage. BoomBar is a forward thinking application aim to record barcodes from various cards used in people's daily life and save them into different...
  20. npsoftware

    Looking for feedback and beta testers for I'm In iMessage app

    Hi all, I am Jordy, the developer of a new app called "I'm In". Thanks for checking out this thread! I'm In is an event planning app that allows you to create and plan your next get-together with people in an iMessage chat conversation. The app got featured by Apple in Europe and has now been...