1. Bob Olmstead

    Help Needed On Changing Title Card

    Howdy All Hope everyone is safe and well :-) I have both Final Cut Pro and iMovie. Several years ago, I created some shorts for a business of mine at the time, made entirely of B-Roll. If memory serves, I did these on iMovie, but not 100% sure on that. Here is a link to one of them...
  2. P

    iMovie's titles suck for making subtitles, no matter which title i use and desperately need alternatives!

    I've been hyping up my project for some time now but it can only work out if I have proper subtitles on my video. Unfortunately, iMovie doesn't supply that option so I've been using the titles, but oftentimes they dont appear against the background because the colour of the photo/clip washes...
  3. Old Ndungu

    iMovie incompatible with OS

    I'm running an early 2015 MacBook Air with Sierra 10.12.6 I have recently started editing video. I have iMovie 9.0.9 installed. There appears to be an incompatibility between these, such that my shared/saved videos are colour washed-out. I'm caught in a situation where my computer cannot run...
  4. R

    How to delete iMovie "Project Media"?

    Earlier today, I had some problems getting some items into iMovie, and I ended up with a "iMovie project damaged" notices and something with a "_trash" label on it (I think the project ended up fine). Now, I'm stuck with this annoying "Project Media" tag that I'm done with but that won't delete...
  5. Spaghet

    iMovie File is enormous

    I have a 50 min video in iMovie that I need to export. I know I can select different sizes but they all seem far too enormous for what they should be. Don’t want to go under 1080p under best: 4K: 166 gb 1080: 41.9 720: 21.35 540: 18.42 Under high: 4K: 10.31 1080: 7.09 720: 4.29 540: 2.54 are...
  6. E

    iMovie exporting to YouTube

    Can you tell me why my portrait video is small on YouTube when viewing on a mobile phone? I created a video on my MacBook Pro through iMovie. Once it finished uploading I wanted to watch it on my phone on YouTube. I click full screen and the video is tiny, like in a small box. How do I fixed...
  7. Ezanee Ziad

    Graphics configuration not compatible (iMovie)

    I've been having trouble with my iMovie and a game I play. every time I try to launch any it says my graphics configuration is not compatible and I dont understand why. I havent done anything to change it and I edited a video 2 hours before this happened and it was completely fine. now it is...
  8. mylittlepwny

    iMovie crashes with eGPU connected

    Does anyone else have issues running iMovie with an eGPU plugged in? I have a 2018 15" MBP with 560x and a Sonnet 550 box with an MSI 580 in it. iMovie just crashes instantly if I have it plugged in, even if there is no monitor connected to the eGPU and I am trying to use the built in Macbook...
  9. N

    Choosing an iMovie aspect ratio and size

    I'm importing old 640x480 (4:3) videos into iMovie (10.1.14). When I place these files into the Timeline, the Project window is 16:9 (cutting off top and bottom of videos) and the finalized project is saved at 1280x720. How can I set the project aspect ratio (in this case we need 4:3), or the...
  10. N

    Choosing an iMovie aspect ratio and size

    I'm importing old 640x480 (4:3) videos into iMovie (10.1.14). When I place these files into the Timeline, the Project window is 16:9 (cutting off top and bottom of videos) and the finalized project is saved at 1280x720. How can I set the project aspect ratio (in this case we need 4:3), or the...
  11. SuzuBell

    iMovie 4K resolution to Keynote - apparent loss of resolution

    I exported a 4k resolution video from iMovie on my MacBookPro. I imported it into Keynote in order to crop it. I noticed that upon exporting from Keynote, the resolution of the video was markedly reduced. In Keynote, I had exported the cropped video using File --> Export To --> Movie. Upon...
  12. BrotherNight

    Issue adding music to iMovie project

    I’m creating a slideshow in iMovie and I’m trying to add some recently purchased music. However, when I look for the music in iMovie’s “audio” section, the new music isn’t there. I realized I haven’t opened the Music app since purchasing it, so I did and the recent purchases downloaded...
  13. SuzuBell

    Sending iMovie video to iPhone camera roll

    I need to send an iMovie video from my MacBookPro to my iPhone camera roll. I would like to do so without decreasing quality (sharpness/bluriness). I have tried to: 1) Save iMovie video and AirDrop it to my iPhone (got an error "Failed to save item. Save to iCloud Drive instead." 2) Save...
  14. deardamir

    iMovie macOS bug?

    Hello everyone. Do I have some kind of bug or not? The button "Share" looks weird for me (the first two pictures). Or it's normal?
  15. kreme123

    Final cut&iMovie app Crash on beta8?

    Does anyone have a problem like this?
  16. E

    New MBP for imovie editing - suggestions please

    I have a mid 2012 mbp that is getting sluggish when editing or exporting my large video projects from imovie (sometimes up to 3 hours with photos) I currently have 16 GB and 750 GB and store my photos and movie libraries on external drives. I don't do gaming... mostly use MBP for imovie...
  17. ajcfreak

    2018 MBP or 2019 MBA - for freelancing + IT Coordinator?

    Hi, The TL;DR version: I work as a part-time IT Coordinator in a school, and I do some freelance work otherwise (all in web development in WordPress and related things). I need to get a new notebook computer and am unable to decide between the newer processor + 3rd gen butterfly keyboard in the...
  18. StumpyBloke

    Universal Oooppss...Deleted iMovie iCloud Content

    Hey. I've made a real schoolboy error by deleting my iMovie data on my phone (dont from settings) from iCloud so, therefore none of my Theatre movies are there. They have deleted across all of my devices. Is there anyway I can get them back? I cannot recreate them as the master files are...
  19. M

    4K on a MacBookPro 2014 ?

    hi there, I was wondering if anyone knows for certain that the latest imovie 10.1.10 will run on my macbook pro after I upgraded to Majove? I actually need to know if my laptop will be fast enough to play 4K footage? I only want to import, trim and export 4K footage, no proper editing...
  20. M

    imovie:can't export - why??

    hi there, i'm using imovie 10.1.2 on a macbook pro (2014, 2,8 GHz Intel Core i5, 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3, Intel Iris 1536 MB) and am importing 4k footage from my drone(mavic2pro). as the macbook is apparently to slow it can't play the footage in quicktime or in imovie. frame by frame it works in...