1. S

    iPhone Mail inbox preview shows text not in email.

    Been curious about this odd little quirk. When looking at my inbox in the mail app, each email has a short preview of its contents. But for certain emails the preview contains text that’s nowhere in the body of the email itself. It’s not totally random text, however, because it usually deals...
  2. S

    iPhone Still having issues with Mail.

    Many people had reposted similar problems with Mail on iPhone. However even with the latest iOS updates my problems still persist. Listing them here: 1) When viewing new mail and clicking the down arrow to get to the next new email, it shows each email twice. They are not listed twice in the...
  3. HappyDude20

    How to Stop Daily Recurring SPAM Email Specifically in APPLE MAIL?

    I didn’t think this was a specific iOS or MacOS question and figured I cannot be the only individual within the MacRumors community from experiencing this so here goes: Gmail has never giving me problems and in the past 12 years have yet to see a spam email creep into my inbox. Apple Mail...
  4. Z

    Mail (TimeMachine and Inbox file size)

    Is it possible to see the full file capacity of received files in my inbox in Mail? Does Time Machine backup Inbox received files?
  5. W

    Accidentally clicked a phishing link from inbox on my iPhone

    Hi Everyone, I accidentally clicked on what I think is a phishing link from an email sent from an existing contact. The subject line was "Fwd: Fw to MY NAME" and the message content was "I think this is something you may appreciate I didn't...
  6. Gwendolini

    Mail doesn't arrive in proper inbox

    Hi. A long time ago I tested Airmail. Did not work out. I just use Mail on all my devices nowadays, the Mac running the latest Yosemite version and the iOS devices running the latest iOS 9.x versions. I have several accounts, almost all seem to work. But my main account (still Yahoo - will...